Brain Hacking Club

From Pumping Station One

This club is for anyone interested in hacking their brains! Recently there has been a number of maker-friendly EEG devices made commercially available: NeuroSky MindSet/MindWave; EPOC Emotiv; OpenBCI EEG (which is open source). These devices allow for users to gather and analyze raw EEG data. Also, there are inexpensive open source electronics available to explore binaural beats and other brain bending effects (i.e. Brain Machine).

Feel free to check out this club if you have these devices, plan on making your own, or are interested in computational neuroscience or discovering new methods of brain stimulation and measurement. Depending on the group, we may explore methods of data analysis for the neural data or discuss methods of meditation. If you have something to show and tell, by all means bring it!

When and Where?

We meet from 7:30pm to 9:30pm the first Wednesday of the month that does not conflict with Python office hours. We're listed on PS:1's calendar.

3519 N. Elston Chicago, IL 60618 (Upstairs in the electronics lab)

This club meeting is free and open to the public! Just join the Pumping Station: One Meetup group before RSVPing.

Monthly Themes

April 1, 2015 Theme: Why do certain frequencies of vibrating air please our brains? This month let's explore the effects of music on the human brain. Can we characterize music so that we can generate certain emotions? Do animals like music or is it special to humans? Come with your own questions and answers!

March 4, 2015 Theme: This month we are going to discuss visual perception. Optical illusions are one of the oldest types of brain hacking! Why do things sometimes appear different than they really are? Also, can we record what we see?

February 4, 2015 Theme: This month we are going to discuss memory. What can we do to enhance our short term and long term memory? Do supplements, meditation, biofeedback or other techniques work? Let's find out.

January 7, 2015 Theme: This month we are going to discuss neuroplasticity. How flexible is you brain? Can an old dog learn new tricks? How does the brain recover or recreate itself after injury or trauma? Maybe you have a story of your own that you want to share. Let's discuss!

December 3, 2015: First meeting