Cable Access Jam Office Hours

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Cable Access Jam Office Hours (CAJOO) is a weekly music session that takes place at Pumping Station: One. Any skill level is welcome. Come sing, or fiddle (ha) around with our pile of extra instruments, or bring your own. If you have never played before, we'll teach you some chords. No preparation required, just show up!

When and Where?

Wednesdays at 7PM! Latecomers are welcome. Often, we are in the lounge. If there are other groups meeting there, we relocate to the loading dock. Or wherever we will cause the least havoc. Just look for the band. We're fairly recognizable, what with the instruments and the noise.

What Instruments?

Anything, everything. Bizarre instruments are welcome. Homemade instruments are welcome. Completely regular instruments are welcome. Basically, if it makes sound, it'll do fine.

What Songs?

Whatever you want! If there are particular songs you would like to play, you can add them to the set list so people can practice if they feel like it. If you have songs in mind and don't add them to the set list--we can still play them. They will just be less rehearsed. Anyone should feel free to practice the set list as much or as little as they want.

Set List

May 25, 2016