Central Machinery Metal Bandsaw

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  This equipment is no longer available at Pumping Station: One


Central Machinery Metal Bandsaw Area: {{{hostarea}}} https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/wiki/Central_Machinery_Metal_Bandsaw


  • Owner/Loaner: PS:One
  • Serial Number: ?
  • Make/Model: Model 93762
  • Arrival Date: ?
  • Usability: no
  • Contact:
  • Where:
  • Certification Needed: yes
  • Hackable: no
  • Estimated Value: $250


Tool was reclaimed by its owner and is no longer with us.

For cutting metal stock down to useful sizes and shapes.


  • Always adjust the upper guide to expose the thickness of your cut.
  • Do not drop the bandsaw to the workpiece, always place it down on the work gently after you've chosen an appropriate weight for the material you're cutting.
  • Never force the blade before or after you've begun your cut.
  • Always properly secure your work for best results - there are good strategies for properly securing angle and irregular shapes.


Harbor Freight documentation.

Authorized Users

qualified member trained by
Everett Derek
Greg Teiber
Jason Everett
Justin T. Conroy Ed Bennett
Todd Allen Ed Bennett
Bryan Gleason Tucker
Michael Skilton Tucker
Michael Leinartas Dave Schact
Kyle Bieneman Todd Allen
Scott Little Todd Allen
RJ Metzger Todd Allen
Giovanni Arroyo Todd Allen
Joao Santos Todd Allen
Nicholas Haldereman Todd Allen
Doorman Dave Todd Allen
Stephen Ioannou Todd Allen
Roger Moore Todd Allen
Lucas Goossen Todd Allen
Matt Wilkens Todd Allen
Rhonda Jackson Todd Allen
Matt Meshulam Todd Allen
Kevin Pulver Todd Allen
Andrew Camardella Todd Allen
Mike Coriale Todd Allen
Nick Naro Todd Allen
John Farmer Todd Allen
Jay Pee Todd Allen
Sam Paris Todd Allen
Jake Rush Todd Allen
Carolyn Ignacio Todd Allen
Andrew Sowa Todd Allen
Hilary Lee Todd Allen
Eric Yu Todd Allen
Davis Mazariegos Todd Allen
Dan Baltudis Todd Allen
David Srebro Todd Allen
Shae Kurko Todd Allen
Glenn Powers Hef
Ryan Neuman Todd Allen
Eric Reusche Todd Allen
Connor Sullivan Tom Judge
Abel Greenwald Michael Patton