Consew 287RB Industrial Sewing Machine

From Pumping Station One

Consew 287RB Industrial Sewing Machine Area: Arts

Consew 287RB Industrial Sewing Machine
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Make/Model 287rb
Usability yes
Contact Lydia Miller
Where Graphic Arts and Textiles
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value ~$500
Host Area Arts


Manual: Bobbin Winder: Insert Bobbin:


  • To reverse, pull the lever down
  • To change stitch length, move the lever down and tighten screw to hold the lever in place
  • To change the thread, it's easiest to cut the thread from the old feed and tie the new thread to it, then run the machine for a few seconds as the thread works it way through the loops.
  • When replacing the needle, be very careful to not drop the holding screw (the tiny gap between the wall and the floor near the machine seems to have a magnetic pull). If the screw is lost, look for a #5 to replace it. There should be #5 screws in the electronics area.


If you are having trouble getting the needle to properly catch on the bobbin thread, check the following:

  • is the bobbin properly installed and threaded
  • is the needle facing the right direction
  • is the thread leading to the needle properly configured (missing some of the thread loops can result in a failure for the needle to properly catch the bobbin thread)