Gravity Iron

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Gravity Iron
Gravity iron.jpg
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number 181133
Make/Model Silverstar ES-85AF
Arrival Date 2023
Usability yes
Contact Lydia Miller
Where Arts
Authorization Needed no
Hackable no
Estimated Value ~$120
Host Area Arts

Gravity Iron Area: Arts

Gravity Iron Model Silverstar ES-85AF


Ready. On the pressing board. When not in use unplug the iron and rest it horizontally on its silicon rest.


  1. The water tank needs to hang more than 5 ft. above the ironing surface
  2. Plug in to a power socket and turn on the power switch
  3. Important: Do not place the iron upright when not in use
  4. Set the Temperature Control to 4 and wait 5 minutes
  5. Set the temperature; 1, 2: Pre-heating 3: Silk (low) 4: Cotton and wool (medium) 5: Other thick clothes (high)
  6. Turn the water tank valve counterclockwise and press the steam switch
  7. Press the steam switch for 1–2 seconds and pause for 3–4 seconds. Do not hold the steam switch longer than 5–6 seconds
  8. The iron shoe can be attached to prevent glossed fabric
  9. Turn off power and unplug the iron when not in use
  10. Close the water tank valve and press the steam button relieve pressure
  11. Allow 30 minutes at least for the iron to cool
  12. Keep flammable materials away from the iron while it is in use (it heats to over 200˚C)