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Hall of Fame Concept

A list of our more notable projects. If you had a project you feel is worthy of recognition, please help by joining the wiki and adding your item! If you can list the people involved in the projects, please do.


The Hall of Fame is looking for a home. It was originally intended to be located in the first classroom on the left in co-habitation with said classroom. Since active use of the space in the form of a classroom takes priority, we are seeking alternative locations.


Any ideas on where to locate this, please contact me. --Eric Hanley

Eventually we can setup either a trophy case or maybe banner on the wall to mark very notable projects. Jim Burke's PPPRS Racing Series banner could be the first addition. --Rhys

Aren't these kind of discussions what talk pages were made for? --Tsaylor 18:23, 11 April 2011 (UTC)

Discussion Moved to "discussion" tab, see top of page, right of "page" tab. --Eric Hanley

Hall of Fame Project List

Jim Burke, Jordan Bunker
Patrick Calahan, Nathan Witt, Dan 'Camo' Bornside
Adam Flynn, Jeff Kantarek, Julie Moffitt, Jasna Delic
Jim Burke