Kerr Centrifico Casting Machine

From Pumping Station One

Kerr Centrifico Casting Machine Area: Hot Metals

Kerr Centrifico Casting Machine
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number 42367 HD
Make/Model Kerr Centrifico Casting Machine
Arrival Date 2013
Usability yes
Contact Eric Stein
Where Removed
Authorization Needed no
Hackable no
Estimated Value ?
Host Area Hot Metals


  • Start burnout process for flask
  • clamp machine to sturdy table
  • place chipboard box over machine (box currently (7/2015) located on top of lockers near back door)
  • wind machine counter clockwise for several turns
  • while holding wound machine, lift shiny metal bar upward and gently rest the swing arm against it
    • Pressure from swing arm will hold shiny bar in place
  • retract crucible tray (the metal bit that moves back and forth along the centrifugal arm axis)
  • start heating metal in separate crucible in a safe, nearby location. Preferably surrounded by firebrick
  • remove flask from burnout oven
  • place appropriately sized sheet metal support ring over heated investment flask
    • we have one for our wider flasks and one for the narrow flasks. Both are located with the flasks, crucibles, and casting machine
  • load flask and support ring onto the swinging arm
  • push crucible tray up against back of heated flask until snug
  • load crucible with molten metal into crucible tray. Keep under torch as much as possible to prevent oxidation.
    • Try not to torch the casting machine
  • pull counterweight slightly counterclockwise to release shiny metal bar
  • release counterweight and GET YOUR ARM OUT OF THE WAY
  • allow spinning arm to come to a complete stop before removing crucible/investment flask
  • dunk investment flask into water bucket to disintegrate investment
  • admire prize


  • better mounting for tables
  • document the box you put around it to avoid splashy metal
    • Current box is kind of crappy, but works fine