Meeting Notes 2012-09-11

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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Begin: 08:15 pm


  • Hey, did you know about certification? If nobody has trained you on a tool, you can't use it. Any other member who is certified can certify you, ask them!
  • Shellie Lewis is the new arts and textiles area host.
  • We're missing a few things: the Weller battery powered soldering iron and the art piece Shellie made for the electric shop. Have you seen them?
  • Be sure guests and new people sign waivers.



  • Tim had the new people introduce themselves.
  • Everyone needs to remember that new people need to sign waivers when first coming to the space.
  • Everyone needs to remember that we still have a certification process for many of the tools.
  • Shellie Lewis is our new area manager for graphic arts and fabric crafts.
  • Some items have gone missing lately. If you happen to know where the Weller cordless soldering iron has gotten to, please return it to the electronics lab.
  • Tim will be posting the new plan for building out the workshop area. We need people to some out and help in the construction. Details will be posted on the mailing list.
  • Will suggested throwing a Halloween party.
  • 300 Seconds of Fame is tonight.
  • Will's analog game night will be Sunday this week.

Meeting End: 08:29 pm