Alcohol and Substance Use Policy

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Pumping Station: One, an Illinois not for profit corporation, with offices located at 3519 N Elston, Chicago, IL, 60618 (the “Organization” and its “Location”) is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and productive environment for its charitable, educational, and other tax-exempt activities.

Consistent with this commitment, this policy (“Policy”) establishes the Organization’s intent to maintain an environment that is drug free and tolerant of responsible alcohol usage. Every member is expected to be mindful that participating in any of the Organization’s activities -- including but not limited to using power tools, machinery, equipment, and facilities -- while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, and/or certain prescription medications is prohibited. Members under the influence of mind-altering substances can pose serious health and safety risks to themselves and others. PS:One restricts activities during and after the consumption of alcohol and other mind-altering substances, and specifically prohibits using power tools and machinery during and after consuming alcohol or any other substance that might impair judgement. Being under the influence of illegal drugs is prohibited. PS:One requires that those who choose to drink on site abide by state law and PS:One regulations, and expects that such individuals will conduct themselves responsibly, while being considerate and mindful of the rights of others.


Section 1. Prohibited Conduct

In view of the above inherent risks associated with the Organization’s Activities, except as may be expressly permitted in this Policy, the Organization absolutely prohibits the following activities in conjunction with the following Organizational Activities:

The use, abuse, or being under the influence of alcohol, other drugs, prescription or otherwise, or any other substance that might impair the user’s judgement, while using the machinery, equipment, tools and facilities of PS1 or while performing any other operation that could potentially be dangerous. The possession, sale, purchase, transfer, or transit of any illegal or unauthorized drug, including prescription medication that is not prescribed to the member or drug-related paraphernalia. The illegal use or abuse of drugs, prescription or otherwise.

Nothing in this policy is meant to prohibit the appropriate use of over-the- counter medication or other legally prescribed medications to the extent that it does not impair a member’s ability to operate equipment or jeopardize their safety or the safety of others.

Members should consider their medication use and refrain from potentially dangerous activities if they believe the medication will impair their safety or the safety of others.

Section 2. Brewing Programs

The Organization may sponsor programs at its Location in which Members participate in beer brewing, beer tasting and alcohol related programs (“Beer Related Programs”). This Policy does not prohibit the use or consumption of alcohol at such events. However, if Participants choose to consume alcohol at such events, they must do so responsibly and maintain their obligation to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Participants in Beer Related Programs continue to be subject to all terms and conditions of this Policy, and, in conjunction with other Organizational Activities, may not use, abuse, or be under the influence of illegal drugs, or other impairing substances.

For public events where beverages brewed at PS1 are served, a Home Brewer’s Special Event license must be obtained and a copy of the license must be provided to the Board no later than 4 days before the event.

Section 3. Organization Sponsored Events

Any alcohol at a Pumping Station: One sponsored event that is not owned by a specific member will be dispensed by an individual with a valid BASSET certification from behind the bar area, to be openly displayed in the bar area. Any individual serving alcohol will provide a copy of their BASSET certification to the Board no later than 4 days before the event. Alcohol purchased by Pumping Station: One for any party will not be left unattended. Member-owned alcohol may be brought into the space and consumed by an individual assuming it does not violate any of the other provisions in this document. Members wishing to be reimbursed for purchases of alcohol for an organizational event must obtain prior approval from the Board.

Section 4. Compensation for alcohol

Individuals may not sell alcohol at PS1. The sale of alcohol is only permitted at Pumping Station: One if the organization is sponsoring an event and obtains a Special Event Retailer’s Liquor License for the sale of alcohol at the event. All relevant copies of licensing should be displayed at the event with a copy sent to the Board no later than 4 days before the event. The beneficiary for any donations collected for alcohol must be explicitly denoted and all recipients must be specified on all money collection devices (digital or physical) used for collecting donations. Labeling must be affixed securely to donation method. Any unlabeled donation collection devices will be assumed to be the property of PS1 and absorbed into the discretionary funds of the budget. Donations for alcohol may only be collected in the Kitchen area; this includes any flyers or signage that directs people to online financial collection options.

Section 5. Administration and Enforcement of this Policy

Pumping Station: One expressly reserves the right to change, modify, or delete the provisions of this Policy without notice. The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration of this Policy. If you have any questions regarding this Policy or if you have questions about alcohol or substance abuse that are not addressed in this Policy, please contact the Organization’s Board of Directors. A violation of any of this Policy is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including, without warning, immediate termination of membership and/or a permanent ban on future participation in the Organization’s activities. Any delay or failure by Pumping Station: One to enforce any work policy or rule will not constitute a waiver of Pumping Station: One’s right to do so in the future.

Section 6.

This policy constitutes the sole and entire policy of the Organization with respect to the subject matter contained herein.