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'Certification' is an old outdated term, that has been replaced by 'Authorization' in all PS1 policy and documentation. If you encounter any reference to "Certification," then you're seeing outdated information. In most cases you can just replace the word 'certification' with the word 'authorization,' refer to the updated policy (see link below) and carry on. The sense of it is that at PS1, we don't certify that you're really good at things, but we authorize (allow) you to use certain equipment after you accept responsibility for it's use and operation, understand basic operation and (critically) safety procedures, and follow all other PS1 rules and guidance, including being individually authorized and an active member in order to use authorization-required equipment.

Current Language

The current Authorization Policy is on the wiki at https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Authorization_Policy

Old Language

All machine tools (and other delicate equipment) have a list of names attached. [Editor's note: as of 2013 these lists are typically maintained in the wiki.] These people have been certified and are the only people allowed to use the respective tool.

a. If you want to use this equipment, ask one of the people on the list to teach you and add you to the list.

b. If you operate unsafely, negligently, or if you otherwise demonstrate poor or improper tool use, you and your certifier may lose access to the tool.

c. If you find someone demonstrating lack of knowledge in the use of a tool, stop them, instruct them in proper use, and report the incident to their certifier for follow-up and additional instruction.

d. Only current paid PS:One members may be certified on a tool.

This certification policy was adopted by a vote of the membership on May 26, 2009.

This policy was revoked by Authorization Policy Vote on 3-10-2015.