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How do I get authorized to use all this equipment?

You would need to be a member first, then it depends on the tool or equipment you're talking about. Short answer: look for an equipment label on things, which leads you to a wiki page about the thing, that tells you how to get authorized on that thing. You can also ask the area's Area Host or Volunteer Authorizer, but that information should also be on the wiki page for the thing.

How about a tour?

We have an open house every Tuesday at 8:00pm, the public or anyone interested is welcome to attend if you sign our [liability waiver] and conduct yourself to the standards that our membership agreement demands of members and guests. Large groups could contact the PR Director, email [email protected], for tours.

Do people make 3D printed guns

No, not here. This is a really common, complicated, awful question with an easy answer. No. Making guns or firearms in a shared workspace is illegal (Federal felony) because a place that makes guns (firearms) has to be a federally-licensed firearms manufacturing facility. PS1 does not and will not have that license. You can't make a gun here. Secondly, firearms aren't allowed at the space by common agreement. Don't even bring one in that you've made yourself, or as concealed carry, even if you have a concealed carry permit. Anything you've heard about how you can, legally, make your own guns with 3d printers or anything else applies to YOUR house with YOUR tools, but it doesn't belong here in any way. You can make nerf guns, squirt guns, t-shirt cannons, foam cosplay props or pumpkin catapults if you are reasonable and safe going about it.

Are hackers hacking election results, sending me spam email, stealing credit card info or copying my Facebook profile?

No. That is the wrong kind of hacker. The kind of hacker we encourage here is the kind of person who is exploring the worlds of science, technology, art and culture to learn and express

Hi! I found you online, how can I learn more about your organization?

You're already on our wiki, so you aren't doing bad. Our regular web site is at and we're on all the usual social media things, except SnapChat maybe. In person, you can come to an open house on Tuesdays at 8 pm or an orientation held (usually) the fourth Sunday of each month at 4 pm. Look for monthly orientations on or our event calendar, on the regular web site.

Do I have to RSVP or join as a member to attend Orientation?

No, but it is nice to RSVP and if you RSVP through the event, you'll be notified if the orientation is cancelled or changed. Orientation is open to the public. Orientation (within 3 months of joining) is required of new members.

I love Pumping Station: One! How do I join?

Sign up for membership on our web site, make sure you save payment information with your credit or debit card. You'll get a few emails along the way, that have information about your membership. First you have to start paying dues (what we just covered), then have your government-issued ID checked by two different authorized members. You can do that at an Open House on Tuesday nights around 8 pm, and if that's an issue there are tips on the wiki page about joining, and here it is: Join.

You have an <awesome tool>? That's awesome! How can I use it?

The space and it's equipment and tools are for the use of members, and each thing often requires individual authorization to use, and authorization requires that you become a member. The authorization process varies from tool to tool. There may be more information about it on a particular tool's wiki page. You need to be a member first, then get authorized, if authorization is required for that thing.

Because authorization is done by other members who volunteer to help you, you might have to wait a while for an opportunity to be authorized. There are no day passes or shorter-term arrangements other than monthly membership, and there are no paid staff; we're an all-volunteer organization. There are a bunch of people that have volunteered to be an Area Host or Volunteer Authorizer though, and you should be able to get authorized pretty soon.

I have some equipment I would like to donate.

OK, maybe! We do accept cash donations, but equipment donation has to be accepted by someone before it is dropped off. Post on our mailing list (Google Groups at!forum/pumping-station-one-public) what the equipment is, and have an area host or member acknowledge that they want the equipment before bringing it in. Do not leave things at the space without making appropriate arrangements first. You can email us at [email protected] too, or look up and email Area Hosts for an appropriate area directly.

So I showed up and possibly joined, but I can't figure out how this place works. What's the deal?

Did you fully save your payment information, and did you get an email with a door code for building access?, If you did not, then you haven't completed the process yet. Check your spam folder/filter for emails from [email protected] or [email protected] Log in to your member account at and check on the status of your account. You can save your payment information there and double check all of your account information. The one in-person requirement is to show up and find two board members or membership admins to check your government-issued ID. You can always find them on a Tuesday night at an 8 pm Open House. You should attend an orientation, as soon as you can after joining, within the first three months of joining. For a little self-reading - Pumping Station: One is a Do-ocracy. Read that link, it's important. As a member, as long as you Just Fucking Do It and Be excellent to each other you'll be ok. Also, look at our new member information packet. If you still totally can't figure things out, come to a member meeting on Tuesdays at 8 pm, send an email to [email protected] or come to just about any event and pull someone aside to ask about whatever is not clear to you.

Can a group that isn't all members meet at Pumping Station: One?

For your meetup to meet at our space, you need at least one member to host and sponsor the meetup (i.e. attend the whole time you're there and be responsible for you) and that member is responsible for all aspects of that meeting or meetup. Your meetup also should probably have something to do with making/hacking things, though we have often hosted meetings for the Avondale Neighborhood Association, and other organizations and groups.

Can children come to the space?

People under the age of 18 can come to the space, if they are accompanied by their legal guardian at all times. Parents or guardians must directly supervise minors at all times. You must be 18 to join as a member.

Do you offer coworking space?

Members have 24/7 access to the space and there are tables, chairs, coffee makers and wifi access points. No reserved or dedicated space; we share everything and clean up after ourselves. There are no private offices or quiet undisturbed conference rooms. If you want to call what you do here 'coworking' that's fine.

Do you offer storage space for projects?

SMALL projects can be stored on a ' member w storage’ shelf. (This costs slightly more than a regular membership) There isn't any dedicated on-site storage for larger projects. You may be able to negotiate some limited space for a limited time on a case-by-case basis with that area's Area Host and figuring out a way to best accommodate the rest of the members. Time and space is limited. Storing things on a work surface or in a high-traffic walkway, or in a doorway, is not cool. Some work surfaces are specifically marked to prohibit project storage when they aren't being worked on Right Now.

May I get on the roof to see the TARDIS?

No. The TARDIS is not currently parked at these space-time coordinates. There is no roof access without using a ladder and we really don't let anyone up there without a Good Reason™, but if it reappears in the future (or in the past) we might consider a tour of the vast, spacious interior of the TARDIS.

How can I start a hackerspace or makerspace?

Long story.