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Freshdesk is the cloud-based customer support software that handles customer support for Pumping Station: One. It is staffed by volunteer members only.


Volunteers that have Freshdesk access are called 'agents' in the vocabulary of Freshdesk, they act as the administrators for the system.

Trouble Tickets

A 'trouble ticket' or 'ticket' or 'case' is one assigned a number and appears in a queue until a volunteer sees it and acts on it. The volunteer can reply directly to the 'customer', or forward it to another 'agent' and there are automation features in Freshdesk that do complicated things but that feature is not very well explored, yet.

Where is it? URL

Freshdesk for PS1 is located at

Known Issues

Currently, there is no good way for a non-agent (a regular member) to access the Freshdesk ticket directly, although there is language in the email they receive that make it seem like it might be something they could or should do. Regular members must interact with Freshdesk by replying to the emails they receive.

Who can be a volunteer staffer? =

Request access from the Board or by sending an email to [email protected]

How do trouble tickets/cases begin?

Any email going to [email protected] or [email protected] creates a trouble ticket. Therefore, if you already have a case open, you should continue to reply to the emails generated by Freshdesk rather than sending new emails to info@ or help@, which would generate additional trouble tickets and make resolving the issue much harder.