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What follows are some guidelines for what you should do when a guest visits Pumping Station: One. They reflect the opinions of a few members and don't necessarily represent the opinions of the entire organization. That being said, we think they're pretty good guidelines to start from.

If You Are A Guest

If you will be attending PS:One as the attendee of an event or as the guest of a member, please understand that you won't be admitted into the building until your host is present unless the member who randomly answers the door agrees to host you until then, and chooses to be generous with their time. Understand this member may be busy and unable to accommodate your waiting time in the facility. You may be asked to wait outside until your host arrives. There is no reception area or lobby for waiting. Please coordinate with your host to avoid inconveniences.

Sign and submit a waiver form the first time you visit PS:One.;

The policy on minors is available here.

Open house hours are posted at

If You Are A Member

PS:One is not open access to the general public. Non-members may attend as the guest of a member who is present, or if they are attending an event open to the public, and are always welcome to attend an Open House. Members and event hosts are responsible for their guests to a reasonable degree.

Non-members have no right to loiter unaccompanied in the space and it's not wise to allow strangers to wander around. Members should use their discretion and not admit non-members who say they have business in the space when this isn't clear. If someone claims they are meeting a member, and that person isn't in the building, then it is appropriate that they not be admitted, and may be told to return when that member arrives or their event starts. Open house hours are posted on the door and at

Do NOT provide a door code to unverified members, (or non-members!) even if they ask nicely.

Please help keep our space safe and secure. This is not the responsibility of any one of us, but of ALL of us.

While none of us wants to play security guard and no member wants to go through a security inquisition, a few routine questions should not offend anyone, as their purpose is legitimate.

Bringing a guest

  • You can bring your non-member friends/guests here at any time!

A few ground rules for bringing your non-member friends:

  • guests need to be supervised - what they do is your responsibility
  • guests can’t use tools more complicated than a soldering iron (as non-members they can’t use any tools or equipment which requires authorization.)
  • guests need to sign a waiver
  • minors need to be accompanied by a guardian
  • as the sponsoring member, you can ask class/event attendees who are being non-excellent to leave

Suggested procedure for unknown non-members

Members should use their discretion in welcoming and admitting non-members and strangers without a door security access code.

A cordial greeting is an opportunity to make visitors feel welcome and meet other members as well.

Here are suggestions:

"Are you a member?"
  • If not: "Are you meeting a member or here for an event? Who/What/Where/When?"
  • If meeting a member, ensure they connect with their party, or ask that they return when their member is present.
  • If attending event, direct them to the location of event. If event is not occurring, look up the correct time, inform guest, and ask that they return.
  • If they say they're just checking the space out because they've been curious or read about us on the internet or whatever, direct them to the Open House hours on the door or at
You may also elect, at your discretion:
  • to escort the guest to their member, or help them locate their member in the building
  • to have them sign and submit the waiver form
  • to allow them to wait with you in the area where you are working until their member shows up (effectively making them your temporary guest)
  • to give a tour
  • to encourage them to call their member
  • to buy them a beer (just kidding, they should buy you one)
If they say they're a member who forgot/lost their door code:
  • You may choose to offer to look them up and re-send it using the tools on our members site. There is the possibility of an expired paypal subscription. Any member can log into the members site (at for a mostly-current list of members. When in doubt any member should feel free to check that list - anyone who has a subscription and has had their ID checked should be on there.
  • Alternatively, direct them to a board member.
If you're a member following someone else into the building (not using your code):
  • Introduce yourself!