Meeting Notes 2008-11-25

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Meeting Minutes
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People pulling for possible position:

President - Eric Michaud

Vice President - Paul Mantz

Tresurer -

Secretary -


  • We need to find a space.
  • We need offices.
  • Membership rate is currently $50.00
  • Vegan Cookies: REQUIRED.
  • Paul can't be resident curmudgeon.
  • Nathan is tasked with making the website fancier.
  • We need a blog.
  • Blogs, twitter will be aggregated.
  • There will be a list for potential projects.
  • We are quick in setting up spaces.
  • Where can we find commercial but non-retail space?
  • Send everyone business plan outline.
  • Discuss business plan. LITERAL TO DO LIST.
  • Try to find location close to public transportation, must be accessible (service elevator preferred)
  • Cotown Computer Congress
  • Wordpress? Tumblr? Where to build up blog from?
  • Let's mess with the cafe's electrical hardware first.
  • Gringo warrior.
  • CBASE.
  • There will be storage space but no locks, except for lock-picking pratice.
  • Eric takes up captains chair.
  • Rest of meeting: discussing individual projects, hopes, goals.