Meeting Notes 2009-12-15

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Meeting Minutes
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  • paul
  • jim
  • tardis
  • anne
  • nathan
  • eli
  • geoffrey
  • nicky
  • eric
  • jeff
  • tom
  • john
  • julie
  • jess
  • carl
  • karl
  • shawn
  • robert
  • camo
  • tim
  • jay
  • steve
  • aerol
  • joe
  • sarah

Come to Order - 8:13

  • New People
  • Board Intro
  • Last official meeting of the year
  • Server Migration
    • Backed up and moved web server to a datacenter
    • Site is up and working, everything should be back to normal
    • Box is sitting on Ryan's rack, ask him if you have any questions
  • 26c3 (26th Chaos Communication Congress in berlin) 27th - 30th
    • Will be live streaming all of the talks and events
    • PS1 will have a viewing and view some of our members talks too.
  • Fabric Lite-Brite
    • Posted on Make, Hackaday & Daily DIY
    • Our biggest single day traffic hit
  • Hackathon
    • Come on Feel the noise this weekend
      • Bring your loudness
    • Quiet Riot is tentative because it's the day after Christmas, let Paul know if you plan on coming.
  • Tardis
    • Josh, Jordan & Nathan built this huge Tardis that's in the middle of the space and makes meetings challenging. But it's still awesome.
  • Moving
    • Planning for a newer, better location
    • After general meeting, anyone interested can join us to talk about how to find the right spot.
    • Trying to find something with plenty of room to grow into
  • Tim has cool laser cutter samples to entice us to get one.
    • I see what he did there.
    • Every January, instrucables has a design contest where the winner gets a free laser cutter.
      • Members should enter early and often
  • Shopsmith certification when we get back from the holidays
  • Eric waxes poetic about how far we've come.
    • Look around at all the stuff that we've been able to do together.
    • What do you want to tell the world?
  • Jim thanks everyone for what he calls the best year of his life yet

Meeting Adjourned - 8:45