Meeting Notes 2011-06-07

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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 8:03pm

Role Call

  • Board Introductions
  • New People: Anthony co founder of a startup called joy stickers, wants to find people to work with and wants to learn about us.
  • Jeff runs daycare and wants to learn skills. Electronics, metal work, wood working.
  • Dr. Jonathan. has been working for a year with the hackerspace. Has brought people to show them our talents.
  • Marita composer does visual arts stuff wants to have hi-fi music popup books.
  • Carrie is a painter and sculpture artist and wants to find a creative community.


  • Financial/membership report member count is 84 Members 34 Starving 50 Full.
  • 300 seconds of fame next week following the meeting. Avner is running it.
  • Space changes - Area hosts
  • Will has a t-shirt project that will be taught at Learnapalooza
  • Nate says our TARDIS was just published in a book called "Hack This". One of 24 projects of the book.
  • Geoffery went to an experimental garage sale. Met people who can teach circuit bending. Also has a studio space and wants to collaborate.
  • Dan has a fab lab class coming up and is looking for help.
  • Sacha rep-rap-a-thon reminder.
  • Yea TODD!!!


  • Circuit Hacking Wednesday, June 8th @ 7:00pm
  • Haskell Programming with Robert Lee Thursday, June 9th @ 8:00pm
  • Python class SQL alchemy Satruday, June 11th @ 7:00pm
  • Knitting meet-up and Origami class. Monday, June 13th @ 7:00pm
  • 300 Seconds of Fame Tuesday, June 14th after the meeting
  • Lock Picking Wednesday, June 15th @ 7:00pm
  • Rep-Rap-a-thon Sunday, June 18th @ 9:00am
  • Electrolitic rust removal Tuesday, June 21st after the meeting.
  • Maker Faire Kansas City June 25th - 26th
  • Learnapalooza June 25th
  • BarCamp July 9th.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:43pm