Meeting Notes 2011-07-12

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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 8:00p

Role Call

  • Board Introductions
  • New People: Tim, manages R&D, guitar maker, does industrial machine optics.
  • Ray learned about us at last years BarCamp interested in computers.
  • Brock, moved form Indiana interested in computer engineering.
  • Z, just joined, programmer, does IP work, interested in electronices and tinkering with computers.


  • Financial/membership report member count is 91 Members 37 Starving 54 Full.
  • Need Maker Fair Volunteers Geoffrey driving a car pool. Free admission to Maker Faire. Jim.
  • Element 14 video status. Dan Meyer. Flying by video feed.
  • Any Ham radio interest? Check the mailing list for info.
  • Chi Bot meetings sunday afternoons. Discussion, conflict objections, PWNSAUCE? Bill Mania
  • Saturday Chibots Robot Builders Day Out meetings at PS:One. Bill Mania. 24th of August. 20 people should run for 4 hrs.
  • BarCamp break down. Tim
  • Vote Proposal "Friends of PS1".
This is a directive from the Members of Pumping Station: One to the Board of Directors to make policy changes and related actions, not an
 amendment to the bylaws.

The Board of Directors is directed to make a good faith attempt to implement the following changes.  If, after attempting these changes in good
 faith, the Board feels that this policy is in need of revising or eliminating, they may do so at any time.

Changes the Board of Directors are directed to enact:
1. Establish a recurring monthly donation level of $13.37 called "Friend of Pumping Station: One" and add it to the Membership Page, with clear
 wording describing it as a donation only, not a PS:One membership level.
2. Ensure that donors are able to receive tax benefits as a result of making this donation to a 501.c.3.
3. Provide donors with thank you gifts the Board of Directors deem appropriate such as access to our private list, a laser cut logo, stickers,

Vote is tabled. Quorum is not obtained. Discussion on how we can change quorum rules. Rule changes are being moved to the mailing list.


  • This Saturday is a Ham Radio Meet up
  • Circuit Hacking Wednesday, July 13th @ 7:00pm
  • Haskell Programming Thursday, July 14th @ 8:00pm
  • Lock Picking Wednesday, July 20th @ 7:00pm
  • Automation Station: One, July 20th @ 7:00pm the desktop manufacturing revolution comes to PS1
  • Maker Faire Detroit July 30th - 31st

Meeting Adjourned at 8:38pm