Meeting Notes 2012-11-13

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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Begin: 08:25 pm



Introduce the present board and area hosts


  • Stop leaving the front door unlocked!
  • Who would be interested in a glassblowing class (to be held at ignite glass studios)? The event would likely be on a Saturday, and if we get more than 2 people it would be $55/person. Anyone interested should talk to Eric after the meeting.
  • Please do not buy things for the space expecting reimbursement without getting it approved first.


  • Next week, there will be the following votes:

Proposal 1: To reimburse Ryan Pierce $439.86 for recent purchases he made in constructing a draft system for the bar in the lounge area.

Proposal 2: (Conditional on Proposal 1 passing) To authorize Ryan Pierce to spend and be reimbursed approximately $176.06 to purchase components needed to expand the draft system from 2 taps to 4 taps, enabling up to 4 different beverages to be served simultaneously.

Ryan will provide receipts for all purchases, and PS:One will own the materials so purchased.


Tours for Visitors

  • <SOMEONE> will give the official tour after the meeting

Space Hacking

Ask not what your hackerspace can do for you, ask what you can do for your hackerspace!

Thank you to new-ish member Tucker for building some nice tables in the wood shop!


  • Tim introduced the board members and area hosts
  • Tim had the new people introduce themselves
  • Tim reminded everyone that the proper way to buy things for the space is to get full approval before making the purchase. Purchasing things first and then asking for reimbursement risks not being reimbursed and isn't really fair to the other members.
  • There will be votes next week to reimburse Ryan for the bar tap system and to pay to increase it's capabilities to 4 taps from 2.
  • 300 Seconds of Fame will happen tonight after the meeting.
  • The upcoming events on the calendar was announced.

Meeting End: 08:XX pm