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Problem: We require all members to sign a liability waiver. In Illinois, this waiver is ineffective as to minors because they are not able to waive their rights in the same way legal adults can, and their parents/guardians cannot waive those rights for them either. Although requiring parents and minors to sign a document indicating that they are aware of the potential risks at PS:One is useful, along with requiring parents/guardians to waive their own rights with respect to their child, if a serious injury should befall a minor while at Pumping Station: One, not only would we feel terrible about it, the resulting lawsuit could result in the demise of our organization and potentially could also be directed at its directors, officers, and members personally. (This is not an assumption about the intention of the minor or parent, but rather the injured party’s health insurance company.)

Our lawyers and insurance company recommend that minors in the workspace be supervised by their parent or legal guardian at all times.

Solution: Adopt the following policy on minors. Due to the recent interest in this topic, rather than have lengthy debate the policy will be voted on in several sections. Proxy voters: for the sections that will only be voted if certain votes don't pass, please provide a contingent vote that will be counted if a vote is taken for those sections.

Policy on Minors

While PS:One maintains a policy of non-discrimination, legal issues (plus our insurance company) require us to impose age-based restrictions on those the law considers “minors.” This policy may be changed by a majority vote of the membership. [This paragraph will be considered part of the policy if any of the sections to be voted on pass.]

Vote #1----

Minors may not be in the space unless they are accompanied and supervised by their parent or legal guardian at all times.

Parents/guardians may be required to sign a waiver/acknowledgement of risk relating to their child.

Violation of this Policy on Minors is grounds for immediate banning from PS:One, including permanent banning, of both the minor and his or her parent or guardian.

Vote #2----- (To be voted on only if Vote #1 passes)

Notwithstanding the above, on a limited basis, the Board may authorize groups including minors sponsored by schools or similar organizations, supervised by a sufficient number of non-parent/guardian chaperones supplied by the sponsoring organization, to be in the space, if the Board determines that allowing such an event is important to the mission of PS:One and can be accomplished without undue disruption to PS:One operations or undue exposure to liability.

Notwithstanding member rights to 24/7 access to the workspace, the Board may set hours, such as overnight, in which minors, or minors below a certain age, are not permitted in the workspace at all.

The Board may designate minimum age requirements for access to certain areas of the workspace or activities in the workspace. (E.g. No one under 21 in the brewing area.)

Vote #3----

The Bylaws, under "Eligibility for membership at any tier" are amended to read: "In order to be a member of Pumping Station: One, a person must support the purpose and specific goals of the organization and be at least 18 years old." [Addition indicated by underscore.]

[If #3 does not pass, further discussion will take place and a future vote scheduled as to the specific nature of underage membership.]

Vote #1

Yea: 30

Nay: 2

Present: 3

Vote #2

Yea: 31

Nay: 0

Present: 4

Vote #3

Yea: 26

Nay: 5

Present: 4