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Xy Proximity Fail

Reported on 10/27/14

Resolved on 10/29/14

This was the initial report
" When setting the XY zero proximity (homing), a warning appears about "You are using different unit system (in/mm)..Do you want to change the setting?". If you click [quit], then it aborts the homing, if you click [OK], no other options or windows appear and the machine starts to find xy zero proximity or home. Once it hits home, the X coordinate goes haywire and registers -340 and starts to shoot off finding zero, obviously this must be aborted ASAP. Any control in the x direction is incorrect, in positive or negative."

Here is what I determined. The program Sbparts\xyzero.sbp calls the program Sbparts\custom\c90.sbc It loads the user variables stored in Sbparts\custom\my_variables.sbc.

Line 23 sets the units and was found to be set to 1. I reset it to 0

21 This is the measurement system that you normally use.
22 it uses the same values as the ShopBot system variable...0 for inches, 1 for millimeters
23 &my_units=0

Lines 45 &46 set the x & y offsets. These values are the amount the machine backs off the proximity switches to set 0,0. Note: I found these values to be -8193.53 as compared to the initial report of -340.

I reset these values to -0.5

42 These values are used by the XYZero program
43 &my_hasProx=1
44 &my_XYzeroSafeZ=1
45 &my_XYzeroOffsetX=-0.5
46 &my_XYzeroOffsetY=-0.5

The file was saved, shopBot3 was restarted and seemed to be functioning as expected.