Who To Call

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Immediate threats to life, health and property:

Fire, Police and Medical: 911

Please email [email protected] to report any emergencies.


Fire non‐emergency: 311

Police non‐emergency: 312-742-4410

Gas co – Possible gas leak: 866-556-6002
Leave the building, don't operate any electrical switches

Harassment or Member Conflicts

[email protected]
There is also a form that you can fill out at:

Needs Attention ASAP

(e.g. roof leak, SEVERE plumbing/electrical problems, door won’t lock, etc., fire, injury requiring hospitalization, et cetera.)

The PS:1 Board: [email protected]
Vulture: (260) 358-7321
The Carl: (847) 331-1602

Needs Attention Soon

(e.g. doors difficult to close, dripping faucets, clogged toilets, internet outages, broken tools/machines et cetera.) Post to Discourse:

Email Board of Directors and open a ticket:
[email protected]

Broken tools

Tag it as broken, post to Discourse , notify area host or [email protected] if you are unsure who the area host is or how to contact them.