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Pumping Station: One - Chicago's Hackerspace, Founded 2009

*We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

*Our Address: 3519 N. Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60618-5617

*General Contact: [email protected]

*How do I visit? We have a live, guided tour for prospective new members every Tuesday at 8 PM. It's a great time to get a learn about us, ask questions, and sign up for a membership. Also, you can take a virtual tour of Pumping Station: One on your own time by visiting this link.

In-person tours can also be arranged by request. You can set one up by emailing your request to [email protected].

PS:1's policy on covid masking and vaccination follows the City of Chicago's policy for public gyms and health clubs (e.g. Xsport, Planet Fitness). When masks or vaccinations are required for gyms, they're required for entrance to PS1.

Use ShopMon to see real-time activity at the space.

Area Directory
General Info, Events, Meetups
CNC Info
Woodshop Info
Electronics Info, Events
Arts Info
Hot Metals Info, Events
Cold Metals Info
Small Metals Info
Kitchen Info

About PS:One

Member Information

New Members Start Here!

Want to help?

Need help?

What are we working on?

Hey, where can I get stuff?

Check the Sources page for an ever-growing list of places where you can pick up wood, metal, etc.


Who are the members of PS:One? How do they communicate? What do they know about this whole social interwebs thing?


  • Board of Directors - The points of contact for day-to-day corporate operations, but not for most tools, equipment and space utilization.
  • Area Hosts - The main points of contact for the (currently 12) different areas of the space.
  • Volunteer Authorizers - contact info for the Volunteer Positions established by the Board.



Things We Have

How to do things, where to get things, what's in the area, and other general reference stuff you feel like sharing.


  • Facilities: A list of what has been made available, and what should soon be made available to members.
  • Tools and Equipment : All PS:One equipment, tools, authorization, safety, and repair information goes here.
  • Sources: Where to get stuff: from Depots to dumpsters.
  • Building Facilities: How our building works.


What We Do

PS:One is a Do-ocracy. Here is some of what we do:

Current Projects

Interest Groups

Space Automation

  • ShopMon - Real time activity at the space

Slack Integration:

  • Shopmon - what rooms are busy, and are the doors open?

IRC Integration:

Network services: