Meeting Notes 2012-08-14

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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Begin: 08:12 pm


  • Magistratus Extraordinarious summary spend report?
  • Electricity is expensive (how expensive?) please remember to turn off lights & AC when not in use.
  • SawStop is here!



  • Tim Introduced the board
  • Tim had the new people introduce themselves
  • Tim doesn't have any buildout expenses to report as no-one has handed in any reciepts yet.
  • The SawStop table saw has come in and needs to be put together
  • We just paid our first electric bill and it was a little higher than expected. Please don't leave lights or AC on.
  • There is a leak in the roof near the workshop AC. Tim will speak with the landlord about it.
  • Tonight is 300 seconds of fame.
  • Wed. 7pm, Knit Lab with Shelly Lewis
  • Thurs. 7pm, Python Office Hours with Tim Saylor
  • We now need a new area host for graphic arts and textiles. Nominate yourself if you are interested and feel you have skills in those areas.
  • There is now a giant chalk board up the side of the main stairs (thanks to Mallory) and there is a large mural in the back stairwell (thanks to Shellie)
  • New member Jeff has now brought in a large amount of new machine equipment
  • Power Wheels is going to the New York Maker Faire
  • TOOOL will be holding a "Locktoberfest" either the second or third Saturday of October involving beer, food, and lockpicking
  • Beer Church is going to start brewing at the space.
  • Anthony has researched building a small clean-room in the space for Open Science and is looking to plan the location for the walls.

Meeting End: 08:45 pm