Vote to Purchase Robotic Floor Vacuum

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Google Groups Announcement: 3/2/2020

Mailing List Announcement: TBD

Officially Proposed: TBD

Language Locked: TBD

To be voted on: TBD


DJ roomba is a real object invented by fictional character Tom Haverford from the Show Parks and Recreation.

It is an iPod dock attached to a Roomba. What I had in mind was something similar to that, with a few modifications for the Internet of Things. Many cleaning robots it seems already have apps that go along with them. It would be an interactive part of our Makerspace. I'm thinking it could be attached to an Alexa and a Spotify account.

My original vote was titled "Vote to Purchase Automatic Space Cleaner", but I changed the name to more accurately represent what will be purchased. This robot can only survive if people clean up after themselves. Then, the robot can do that little extra cleaning. CLEAN IS GOOD. The vote has been renamed Vote to Purchase Robotic Floor Vacuum.

This is my project for pumping station one and everyone will benefit from it. The minimum involvement required by any member is to clean up after yourself. Argue against cleaning up after yourself if you must.... but seriously.

The building called Pumping Station: One is open to the public (human beings) every Tuesday night. Consider the predicament we would be in if a Roomba couldn't survive in the same space as the public.

Ash, I looked at the piece of equipment you posted and what I see in that picture is ONE person pushing a big floor sweeper... I'd like to move away from the model of "make all the mess you want, someone else will clean it". It is a nice piece of equipment though. Just not inline with the goal of this purchase.

If the woodshop is busy, than that's not the best time for dj roomba to be cleaning the floor. I'm positive that the pet vacuum can announce its presence loud enough to be seen without being obnoxiously distracting.

Nobody is perfect. And that's why expecting total cleanliness from members is unrealistic. Pet Mascot DJ Roomba comes in after a member has already cleaned up any mess they created, if they created one at all.

Member points can be earned for emptying the Roomba and having other positive interactions with it. Members would be able to swipe their RFIDs whenever they pass our pet DJ Roomba. The daily comings and goings of the pet mascot DJ Roomba will be recorded and sent to an online blog and everyone anywhere can see where our beloved pet robot is and check on its well being. The GPS tracker serves as a theft deterrent since its location will be picked up by satellite and it will serve as a beacon to whoever might be looking saying "Pumping Station: One pet DJ Roomba is here," COSTS: TBD

Vote Language

Vote to amend the bylaws. Anyone who comes to the Pumping Station: One building must, to the best of their ability, leave the building in the same or better condition than it was when they arrived. Members found to be in violation of this policy will be suspended for 30 days following the incident. They will be refunded their most recent monthly membership dues. At the end of the 30 days the person may reactivate their membership. All subsequent violations will result in 365 day suspension.