2015 Treasurer Replacement

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Please place nominations for treasurer on this page.


[Resignation of an officer]

Nominations are open for one week, closing Thursday, July 30.


From the bylaws:

In order to be eligible to be nominated, a person must be a Starving Hacker Member or a Full Member as defined earlier in these bylaws in good standing for the six consecutive months prior to the election. To actually take and hold an office, the individual must be a Full Member.


From the Bylaws#Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for monitoring all financial assets of Pumping Station: One. This includes but is not restricted to the collection of membership dues from members, the payment of rent and utilities for any space leased by Pumping Station: One, the disbursement and reimbursement of funds authorized to be spent under the procedures detailed in these bylaws.

The Treasurer is empowered to reimburse anyone for the purchase of safety equipment to be dedicated to Pumping Station: One out of the general fund. The Treasurer is also empowered to buy safety equipment for Pumping Station: One directly. The sum of these reimbursements and purchases may not exceed $200 per calendar year or $50 per reimbursement incident or purchase. What constitutes "safety equipment" will be determined by the Treasurer and/or the chair of the safety committee on a case by case basis. A receipt must be provided for all donations or purchases that are reimbursed or paid for under this resolution. Reimbursements will be granted at the discretion of the Treasurer on a case by case basis. Whenever a reimbursement or purchase occurs, The treasurer must notify the membership via email what items were reimbursed or purchased by whom and how much they cost.

This spending authority is mostly supplanted by budgets including money for safety equipment --Dbever (talk) 11:08, 24 July 2015 (CDT)


  • Jenny Tong - nominated by Eric Stein (declined)
  • Brian Chojnowski - nominated by Jenny Tong, Brian Chojnowski (accepted)