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Derek Bever

  • AKA loans on the IRC

derek.bever (at)

Secretary 2014

I come from a stage lighting background. I currently work at a small lighting equipment rental company in the service department. I'm certified by both Vari*Lite and Martin for moving light repair, and have a lot of experience with conventional and LED fixtures as well.

Things I do and could probably teach someone about

  • General Electronics
  • Electronics troubleshooting and repair
  • Soldering
  • Arduino development
  • 3D Printing
  • Welding
  • Basic woodworking
  • Stage lighting
  • Live sound reinforcement
  • Sound recording
  • Electronic music production
  • Photography

Things I'm learning about

  • Machining
  • Linux
    • Fish shell
  • Desktop programming, mostly Go

Active Projects

Most of this is backburner

Front Burner

Back Burner

  • Developing a basic electronics curriculum
  • A guitar with built-in DSP and subtractive synthesis
  • Python based, command line equipment tracking software
  • Machining gyroscopes for experimentation
  • Casting of precious metals
  • Skills-exchange kiosk

Still being conceived

  • Portable Laugh Track