Board Meeting Notes 2021-08-03

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Board Members

David Earl
James Lamken
Dave Solomon
Nathan Upchurch
Chris Iacullo

Other Members



1. Discuss & Approve previous board meeting minutes

No objections noted.

2. Member Count & Financials

- Checking:

- Savings:

- Paypal:

- PEX:

3. Mail Check

- Bao's mail continues arrive at PS1 – not sure there is anything we can do to mitigate. James continues to return to sender.

- Received a late notice for the lift inspection – verified that it was paid on-time

- City Film LLC sent mail to PS1 address – no idea to whom

- Sky Nova – State Farm; likely just advertising

4. Votes

Membership Votes

- No votes this week.

Board Votes

- No votes this week.

5. Officer & Team Lead Updates


- Gen Ops:

A/C drains have been working much better than old drains ever did.
Investigating replacement light fixture for the stairwell.
Electronics area ready for light bulb replacements; requested by Andrew W, area host.


- Documentation of existing systems and procedures, such as WA2AD, C2AD etc. - is ongoing.

- One candidate received for the infrastructure lead position. Will arrange interview with tech team reps either this week or next.

- Interview held with Dan Sharp for the development position. Sky will be arranging his participation later in the year.


- No updates. Still looking for a team lead.


- No updates.


No updates at this time.

6. Updates from outside board meetings

One candidate for woodshop authorizer position. Trying to schedule time with Eric B or any woodshop authorizer to walk through the process.

7. Discussion Topics (new & existing)

--> Scholarship applicants were assigned to Nathan to review in the absence of an MMT Schoarships Officer. Plan is to review and vote on applications at next Board Meeting. --> Area Host Reviews: looking to wrap up by end of August. --> Have Tech Team investigate Mautic, an open source marketing and communications platform, as a possible vector for Area Host reviews in the future.