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  • Board meetings are generally open to the PS:One members and the public (though some topics may require the board to have a closed session). If you have an agenda item for an upcoming meeting, you can add it to the notes agenda page and let the directors know by emailing the directors at info@ or directors-only[A.T] so that they can plan accordingly.


Financial Report

  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Google Drive->Folder: PS1->Folder-><current year>
    • Edit "<current year> Monthly Financials" document
      • From Quickbooks: update Savings, Paypal and Checking balances
      • From Pex: export transactions to Quickbooks (this process updates the Pex balance in Quickbooks)
      • From Quickbooks: run reports for reconciled transactions for each area from first of month to yesterday


  • Notify insurer when membership totals hit 25 member breakpoints.


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