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Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number Pxxxxxxxx
Make/Model safeguard supply LRA D1000
Arrival Date 8/6/2020
Usability yes
Contact Gary newhouse or Brian Barnt
Where Wood shop and cold metals
Authorization Needed No
Hackable NO
Estimated Value $198.00
Host Area Wood Shop And cold

Doorbell Area: Wood Shop And cold

Doorbell system was installed in august 2020 when the old analog bells both failed

It is wireless and has chimes with strobe lights in a) cold metals above desk. b) between hot metals and the woodshop.

Loud enough to be heard in most of the building (let’s test it upstairs and in CNC / Lasers, I ran outa time). We could add another unit up front for $50 if needed.

The manual is new doorbell It has a wallwart power supply and 3 C cells for power. The door buttons use 2032 battery

The front door rings the Star Wars Or Indiana Jones Theme. The back rings Call to Post (racehorse start music). The sounds ring on both chimes simultaneously.

---feb 17 2023 replaced front battery n reset chime unit in cold metals