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A fob is the small plastic dongle with an embedded RFID tag.

A fob is used to activate or open the front and rear doors in lieu of entering a door code. It is also used to access (open) the bar with a system built in 2019. Any member can use their fob to open the front or rear doors, only authorized bartenders can activate the bar.

Most of the members who have fobs were entered into the temporary database, before we got the door system integrated with the new member management system. So your fob will work...for now. But if anything happens to that temporary database, most of you will lose access. Only about 1/6 of the members with fobs have their fob numbers entered into the new member system.

It's easy to fix: Go to Log in. Click on the red "Edit profile" button. Scroll down to "RFID Tag." Enter your fob number. Scroll back up and hit "Save."

You should not notice anything different. This is to keep your fob working if/when the temporary database is deleted.

And if you don't have a fob yet, you can get one out of the gumball machine or from someone who has access to the stockpile and go through those same 6 steps to set one up! (It will take a little while to activate. Up to 20 minutes, probably less.) Then you'll never have to worry about remembering the door code again!