Meeting Notes 2016-07-19

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Intro to PS1 and what we're about.
  • Let new members and visitors intro themselves.
  • Pick 2 random people to introduce themselves.
  • Introduce the Board and Area Hosts
  • Go over things that need doing around the space.
  • Awesome call outs
  • Tell me about What You Hack
  • Announcements
  • Questions
  • Votes
  • Tour

For extended discussions, we may take stack and borrow from MIBS Rules#Meeting Procedures.


Intro to PS1



New People

New People (name - where did you hear about us - what do you make/hack)

  • Leo | has been doing CNC work |
  • Doug | Mechanical Design Engineer | Working on household projects, improved toilet paper
  • Fred | Mechanical engineer, robots | Internet makerspace search
  • Ryan | works with Fred | material science engineer | carpentry, 3D printing, etc.
  • Jennie | UX designer | working on an interactive structure
  • Brian | brewing & 3D plastics work | found us online
  • Tristan | UI/UX designer working with Jennie on interactive project
  • Joe | Electrical Engineer | woodworking, automation, inlays, kayaks
  • Joe F. | founding member | in town, lives in Perth
  • Darren | welding, glasswork, metalwork, woodwork |

Two Random Members

  • Pete / Bio Guy | coffee roasting, raspberry pi, coming back into the fold
  • Gerald | Gaming group, cooking demos, vegan dishes | Shelly heard about hackerspaces and brought Gerald along about six months ago

Board and Area Hosts

  • Justin - Presidents
  • Jennie - Vice President
  • Lyn - Director at Purple and Wiiiiiild Events
  • Simon - Secretary
  • Ray - PR Director
  • Michael - Director at Large
  • Brian - Treasurer
  • Arturo - Kitchen Area Host
  • Anna - Electronics Area Host
  • Andrew - CNC Area Host
  • Ron - Hot Metals Area Host

Things that need doing around the space

  • Empty the dust collector and check the auxiliary bin too!
  • Take out the trash and don't overfill the dumpster
  • Run the dishwasher & empty the dishwasher when there clean dishes
    • Gerald volunteered to empty the dishwasher tonight!
  • Paint the walls with fun things

Awesome Callouts

  • Doorman Dave for fixing everything that was on fire (metaphorically) - thanks Dave!!
  • Shelly for drawing dragons on the walls
  • Daniel P. for cleaning up the kitchen and making iced coffee
  • Andrew for teaching a class on design sketching
  • Will for game night on Saturday - it was fun!
  • Steve Reese found a home Bloodfangfieryscourge, the cat that Jennie was fostering

What have you been hacking

  • Will made a PiGirl Zero, a handheld emulation device, and a Ghost Grenade to capture ghosts
  • Brian is making a wireless controller for an LED/music art project with a raspberry pi 3 and touchscreen TFT with the most recent kernel
  • Shelly made dragon drawings and brought in caterpillars


  • Bike night - work on your bike!
    • Wednesday, 8 pm, in the shop
  • SIGBOT - Special Interest Group for Robotics - come talk robots
    • Thursday night, 7 pm in electronics
  • Craft Project In & BBQ Out - come grill, eat, and work on
    • Saturday, 4 pm
  • Wood Lathe Authorization
    • 8 pm, Wednesday in the woodshop
  • Fusion360 Meetup - Surfaces!
    • Wednesday, 7 pm, electronics
  • CAJOO - Cable Access Jam Office Hours, come jam and play instruments, poorly or well
    • 7 pm on Wednesday in the lounge or the loading dock
  • Hot Metals Authorizations now happen every other Saturday, starting this Saturday at 3
  • Pressure Cooking tomorrow - check the list and email Erica if you want to take part - might be one spot left?
  • MOVE UPDATE: Tony is mostly moved out, they painted, and the Comed people are coming tomorrow


  • Did you make the creeping charlie beer?
    • No, we didn't actually have any creeping charlie, but we made the same beer we were going to make with hops.
  • When will the table saw authorization happen?
    • This week, Thursday, 6:30
  • Are those pants?
    • Yep.
  • What can you do with things you make here?
    • Sell it (unless it's food or alcohol), patent it, tell the world, change the world, have fun
  • Has anybody seen the DeWalt 18V drill?
    • And if you broke it, don't worry, just let somebody know.
  • Are you supposed to leave the back door open when the air is on?
  • No!


Quorum: 41

Vote to Fund Space Expansion Buildout

  • Do we have the money?
    • Yes
  • What are the highlights?
    • Ventilation, electrical, sinks, new shelving for member shelves, new partition b/w hot metals and woodworking
  • How many square feet will it be?
    • Going from about 6000 to 10000-ish sq ft
  • Passes with 56 in favor, none opposed, 2 abstaining

Vote to Expand Cleaning Service

  • When will the increased frequency begin?
    • Not specifically in the language, can start more frequent cleanings whenever, regardless of when we move in
  • Vote passes with 48 in favor, 3 opposed, 7 abstaining


Who wants to give a tour?

  • Thanks Ron for giving a tour!