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‘’’new procedure’’’

As of June 2022, the member management team will handle the assignment of spaces. Same process overall, but MMT will be your front end process. The General operations Team will continue to monitor the spaces and deal with moves, changes of status and the eventual evictions. MMT serves you, GOT gets to be Tidy Space manager. More in line with other operations.

So to get a space, contact the member management team. GOT will handle removals due to your conscious choice to reduce your $$ or abandonment. We will do all edits to the registry and your profile (new spaces=MMT, separations/reductions=GOT). Gn.

NOTE: Storage Review August 2021

We are again doing a review. Members who are supposed to have spaces but are not listed here have been contacted. Those who should no longer have a space have also. If you are using a space but are not listed here, please contact gary.

aug 17 unauthorized catwalk shelves purged (3 pending exceptions) items placed in SALVAGE on table in General Area. will be purged next week -gn

NOTE: Storage Review August 2020’’’

The General Operations Team is charged with Reviewing Member Storage and updating all records. We have inventoried and SURPRISE! this registry wass very inaccurate. We have contacted members with storage rights and those occupying storage inappropriately. over the next weeks, we will be working to open up space and even renumbering the general area lockers. On August 26, 2020, we renumbered lockers and relabeled all shelves and lockers.

Do not edit this page. If you need a new space, please contact the Member Management Team so that we can incorporate that change into the new accurate records.

If you find something on this page that seems inaccurate, Please contact the affected member or the General Ops Team members listed above. Please do not edit other members' entries.

You should use the same name here that you have listed on the members site so that we can verify your membership status. This will help you avoid your storage space getting ticketed and you having to do something about it later.

Catwalk Shelf Registry

-Alpha Alpha designations refer to mini shelves used for PS1 official projects

The catwalk is where some of our Systems infrastructure is located. Additionally, member shelves are on the catwalk.

Please do not store items on the catwalk, except on member shelves. Loose items will be ticketed

On the catwalk, numbering starts with the upper left shelf and goes down, then across.

C C Andrew Morris
C01 Ron Olson
C02 Jennie Plasterer BOARD
C03 Mark V
C05 Sam Paris
C06 special 3D host. Justin Books Corbin
C07 Dubi Kaufmann
C08 Jose Valdez
C09 Darlynn Cole
C10 Aushra Abouzeid
C11 Ryan Pierce
C13 Sam Vuchetich
C14 Glen Peterson
C15 Ananda Stevens
C16 Bradley Hovanec
C17 Diego begin
C18 Tatjana Paunesku
C20 Ashish Jasani
C21 Patrick Stycos
C22 Ilya Deynega
C23 Samuel Sion
C24 Ashley Shewmaker - kitchen host.
C25 Rob Riggs (Colorado Rob)
C26 Sky Nova
C27 Dan Wells
C28 Dan Locks
C30 Sean Blum
C31 Jacob Dawson
C32 David Fell
C33 Elizabeth Koprucki
C34 Mike Gucciard
C35 Eric O’Hara
C36 Sam Abrahamson
C37 Abel Greenwald
C39 Giovanni Suarez Chirre
C40 Hef
C41 Tim Bielawa BOARD
C42 Osi Van Dessel
C43 Jamin Nollsch
C44 Paul Rapoport
C45 Eric Stein
C46 Lydia Miller
C47 Adam molski. Cnc host
C49 Joe Mertz BOARD
C51 Ben Stagl
C52 Brian Barnt
C53 Davis Sayer Cox -2D print host
C54 Ally Reza
C57 Daniel Baltudis
C58 Carl Karsten BOARD
C59 Brian Chojnowski
C60 Alicia Johnson PR HOST
C61 Fidel Galano BOARD
C62 Nathaniel knize
C63 Zlatan Klebic
C64 joseph kardia
C65 Nicholas Terrell
C66 Eddie Muela

Locker Registry

The beige lockers between the general work area and the Cold Metals area

GL 01
GL 02
GL 03
GL 04
GL 05
GL 06 Jim Brink
GL 07
GL 08
GL 09
GL 10
GL 11
GL 12
GL 13
GL 14
GL 15
GL 16
GL 17
GL 18 Brian Desmond
GL 19
GL 20
GL 21
GL 22
GL 23
GL 24
GL 25
GL 26
GL 27
GL 28
GL 29
GL 30
GL 31 Charles Barker
GL 32
GL 33
GL 34
GL 35
GL 36 (there is no 36. its a mystical magical hole in the universe..
GL 37
GL 38
GL 39 Daron Wooding
GL 40
GL 41
GL 42