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The Cold Metals Area is one of the Hosted Areas here at PS:One.

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Metal Shop
Hosted Since:
Location: Back corner
Equipment: Category:Shop Equipment
Area Host Contact Details
Name: Dave Solomon
Email: [email protected]
Other Contact:
Office Hours:
Certifications: see below


  • Safety glasses with side shields are required when operating machines or when in the vicinity of operating machines.
  • Gloves are not allowed when operating machines. Gloves are dangerous near rotating parts/tools.

If you see someone using the equipment improperly, either show them how to do it right, or ask them to stop and seek certification. Please notify the Area Host if anyone is abusing, damaging, or messing with the tools in an inappropriate fashion.

If the smoke/CO2 detector goes off, stop what you are doing. Do not shut it off and go back to work until you take a break for at least 15 minutes to be sure there aren't any harmful fumes.

Area Rules

  • Safety first - Use at minimum the required safety gear for the tool you are using. Know where the closest fire extinguisher is as well as the first aid kit. And pay attention to what you are doing.
  • Clean up after yourself - sweep, throw out little garbage bits, put large scrap pieces in the scrap storage locations.
  • Workbenches should be cleared as a courtesy to the next member.
  • Label your projects - Name, phone number, email, and date it each time you work on it.
  • Put things back when you're done - Lets try to make sure everyone can find the tool they are looking for once you are finished.
  • Respect all the tools - They are hungry beasts and will maim you. Don't be goofing off in the shop. Only use tools you are certified to use.
  • If something breaks, put a note on it and contact the Area Host, don't just leave it for the next person to find.
  • Make awesome things!

Project Storage

  Follow tidy space policy.

Tools Available

See "Pages in category"

All equipment in the workshop has been tagged Category:Shop Equipment.

All equipment requires certification to be used. Please see the individual tool pages for information on who can certify you to use these tools.

Requests for additional equipment are available at Metalshop Wishlist.

tool inventory worksheet!ApA4uHxvFYG5mBg-C9t7AgkRBGdL?e=yWIYv4

Using the tools

If it belongs to PS:One, please be nice to the tools. If they belong to a member who is awesome enough to loan us their personal gear, make sure you treat it extra nice and also, get their permission first.

Please be respectful and aware of others working in the shop at the same time you are. If you are throwing sparks, throw them away from other people. If you are walking around with hot metal, say something so others know where you are and don't get branded. If you are going to start making a lot of noise, let other people know so they can get some ear protection, don't just deafen them.


There are several categories of authorizations in the machine shop.

  • Cold Metals Tier 1 - the non-precision machines. This includes the Johnson horizontal bandsaw, the DoAll vertical bandsaw, and the Rockwell drill press. Contact the cold metals authorizers on Slack.
  • Bridgeport Mill: Cold Metals Tier 1 authorization and the Bridgeport Canvas course are prerequisites.
  • Clausing lathe: Cold Metals Tier 1 authorization is a prerequisite. Contact Anna Yu to schedule.
  • LeBlond lathe: Cold Metals Tier 1 and the LeBlond Canvas course are prerequisites.
  • Surface grinder: Cold Metals Tier 1


Office Hours

Generally Saturday 1st and 3rd from 10 to noon. ( by appointment during Covid )

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