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Board Meeting Notes 2019-12-17

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New Business
== Attendance ==
* Board Members
Andrew C.
Paul O.
Alex B.
Sky N.
Kathryn B
*incoming board:
**Aushra A.
** Carl C.
* Other Members
* Check talk page for board meeting notes, see if any discussion on the agenda took place
* Consent Agenda
** Last meeting minutes =
* Committee Reports
* Check RT queue
* New business
** Ben Marshall - Cold metals authorizer
** Malcolm Stevens - CNC? authorizer
** Woodshop authorizers
** Online Filament 3D printing Auth
** Small metals reimbursement
** Technology Team Proposal
* Old business
**Stripe-WildApricot Error - did this get addressed? folder/spreadsheet in G.Drive says not...
**Newsletter status - any announcements people want to add?
**How to recruit more volunteers? No volunteers to lead MMT/ Need a new person for GenOps already
== Minutes ==
Reports from [[Committees]]
** Committee Reports: MMT - we are soliciting team leads and members.
** We would like to see Area Hosts and Committee and Team leads could come to a Board Meeting once a quarter
=== Mail ===
=== New Business ===
** Training on ID checks for new board people.
** Question about Canvas. Reviewed the project.
** Ben Marshall - Cold metals authorizer
** Malcolm Stevens - CNC? authorizer -
** Woodshop authorizers - 2 volunteer positions - maintenance group (not training)- 2 people who check on the status of the woodshop tools.
** Online Filament 3D printing Auth - resolved. Ender auth Canvas support through Alex, he will email Matt to offer course development support.
** Small metals reimbursement -- Kathryn B reimbursed through Small Metals for Castable Wax Resin.
** Technology Team Proposal - Starting a tech team. Work in lieu of dues for team members. Define specific roles vs. various positions (like Active Directory). Sky will launch applications
** Put out call for Small Metals Area Host - We will put out a call for new Small Metals.
** Officer and Area Host at the Same Time= Nope. Area Host and Volunteer Positions Policy forbids an Area Host from doing both.
** PR - building a team. Regular newsletters. External vs. Internal PR. Kathryn will pitch in on Sat. Area host postings, etc.
** More volunteer parties!
** Goodbye, Board of Directors 2019!
=== Old Business ===
== Votes ==
* 2 woodshop maintenance volunteers = approved
* Ben Marshall = Yes to Cold Metals auth
* Malcolm Stevens - 3d Printers = yes

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