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Universal PLS6.150D 150W Laser Engraver

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Copying the Usage Policy over from the Epilog page
Please review the wiki and the reference materials before attending an authorization.
== Usage Policy ==
The laser cutter is easily one of the most used machines at PS1. Due to this demand we request the cooperation of all members to share the laser cutter and associated computer. First and foremost, the practice "being excellent" should be observed at all times; respect yourself, other members, and the equipment. This is a usage policy so that everyone can use the laser:
* Any user not actively test cutting or cutting will cede the computer and laser to the next person waiting in line, as soon as that waiting user notifies the current computer user. If you are still designing your file, please do so on another computer. Artastic (another PC upstairs) in the Crafts Area also has a copy of Adobe Illustrator.
* If someone is waiting in line to use the laser, no active test cut or cut series shall be longer than 1 hour. No jobs will be allowed to start that overrun the 1 hour time limit when a new user is waiting.
* In the case that your last cut is longer than the 1 hour time limit, and a waiting user presents themselves after the cut has started, the cut job shall be allowed to finish and the waiting user will be allowed to set up their file in their own user account, during the cutting period.
* Continuous cutting shall not exceed 3 consecutive hours without a half hour break for the laser to cool. If a new user arrives before or during the cooling period the current user shall cede the laser to the next user, and the next user will wait for the cooling period to finish and the cooling period shall not count towards the 1 hours limit should another user present themselves.
* Waiting users shall notify the current user verbally that they are waiting and where they will be waiting until it is their turn. If multiple users are waiting, the next waiting user must start their test cutting or cut job within 10 minutes of being notified of a laser opening. The current user will keep a record of who is waiting, where they will be, and notify subsequent users of the status of the queue. The current user will find the next waiting user and verbally inform them that the laser is available.
=== Additional Ways to be Excellent ===
* Have your artwork and your materials prepared and ready ahead of time. Artastic (another PC upstairs) in the Crafts Area has a copy of Adobe Illustrator.
* Allow people to start setting up their job after your last cut starts running. If you're concerned about a last minute adjustment, you can use Window's switch user feature to keep your file available.
* If there is someone waiting, get their phone number to text them, if possible. Texting allows you to give them a heads up so they can start setting up their job without you leaving the laser are. (Leaving the laser running unattended is against the rules.) It also spares you from having to physically track down the other user.
=== Table Saw Note! ===
Items that have been cut on the laser cutter have the potential to set off the SawStop table saw safety brake. This will make the saw unusable until the SawStop cartridge is replaced, which costs ~ $75! It typically happens if there is an excess of carbon char on the edges.
Before use the SawStop to cut anything from the laser cutter please test the piece on the edge of the blade when the blade is not turning and see if it activates a red light on the display. How do you do this.
# Turn on the main power switch to the Sawstop.
# DO NOT TURN ON THE BLADE. THE BLADE must not be moving.
# Check and see if the green light is on the front of the saw.
# Slide the piece you want to cut up to and contact the blade.
# Look at the lights on the front of the SawStop. If it is green you should be OK to proceed. If its red. DO NOT CUT. IT WILL TRIGGER THE BRAKE.
You can try to sand off the char and repeat steps 1-5 or use another method to cut these pieces.
== References and Manuals ==

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