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The Board

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<span style="float:right; width:200px; textThe Board of Directors are the eight PS1 members elected to serve as President, Vice-President, Secretary, and 5 Directors-At-alignLarge.  As of 12/17/2019 these officers are no longer board members:right;">Last EditedTreasurer, Chief Technical Officer, Public Relations Directorbut lets leave the descriptions here because it's handy. Minutes from board meetings are made available on the [https: {{REVISIONMONTH}}/{{REVISIONDAY}}/{{REVISIONYEAR}}<>Category:Board_Meetings Board Meetings] category page. Board procedures are documented in the [[ Board_Procedures BoardProcedures]category. Previous boards can be found in the year's respective [ Elections== Contacting the Board ==
The Members can contact the board holds meetings, in person at the notes twice monthly Tuesday meeting (Currently first and third Tuesday of which are [http://wikithe month - check the calendar for up to date information).You can send email to info {at} here]to open a ticket in the FreshDesk system for the Board to handle. This page That system is currently inaccurate since it's not for private information. For private information, email board {at}, email a mix specific member of information about the previous (2011board, 2012) boards and or talk to us at the current (2013) board. We're working on that, honestlymeeting.
== President ==
'''Currently''': [[userDavid Earl '''Contact''':Toba|Eric Stein]]president {at}
'''Official Responsibilities'''
* Run everything. (kidding)
* Conduct meetingsEnsuring the organization’s activities are compliant and in furtherance of its mission* Guide PolicyLead, manage, and develop the organization’s volunteers and organizational culture* Help with Long-Range GoalsDevelop, implement, monitor, and assess the organization’s programs (including their impact)'''Money Making Member Activities'''*Develop, implement, monitor, and assess sound and compliant fundraising practices* Solicit DonationsDevelop, inform, and support the board and committees to carry out their governance functions'''Member Activities'''*Develop and maintain beneficial relationships with donors, funders, supporters, collaborators, allies, vendors, and other stakeholders* Act as SpokespersonWork with PR to ensure effective external communications about the organization and its mission, priorities, importance, programs, and activities* Correspond with other Organizations/Individuals.Champion the organization and advocating its mission to internal and external stakeholders* Delegating.Keep the organization informed of significant developments and changes in the internal and external environment*Lead the organization’s planning processes'''Contact'''*Ensure legal compliance (including all required filings) and sound risk management practices*Preside over meetings of the Board and Member MeetingsSee his page on *Engage the wiki for this information.membership (and other stakeholders) in working to maintain organizational infrastructure*Answer member and non-member emails as needed
== Vice President ==
'''Currently''': [[pcallahanUser:Naitotchi|Patrick CallahanJames Lamken]]
'''Official ResponsibilitiesContact''':* Help with the President's duties* Presidential Stand-In when necessary* Internal Affairs: workshop, webcam, classroom, new member management system, etcvicepresident {at} pumpingstationone== Treasurer =='''Currently''': Steve Farkasorg
'''Official Responsibilities'''
* All finances/taxes/insuranceIn the absence of the President, performing the roles of President.*Enforcing the rules of meeting procedure.*Preside over meetings of the Board and Members in the President’s absence.*Have a thorough understanding of the Bylaws and current policies and be able to communicate them clearly to the Board and Members.*Oversee the implementation and revision of policy to ensure sound and compliant governance and management of the organization.*Partner with the President to lead and develop the facilitation of discussion with the Board and general members in determining the future vision for the organization while holding to the purpose of the organization as stated in the Bylaws. *Partner with the President to lead the development and refinement of impact metrics (such as member surveys).*Assess the performance of the Board, its committees, Area Hosts, and Volunteer Authorizers.*Assure ongoing recruitment, development, and contributions of Board members.* Manage with Full Administrative access the Official online software management tools required for the organization to function (Google Suite including Google Groups, Wild Apricot Member RosterManagement Software, Freshbooks Accounting Software) and providing access or assistance to the Board and general membership as appropriate and necessary.*Answer member and non-member emails as needed *Assist with ID checks at weekly member meetings* Eye on our Bottom Line/Savings/Financial HealthAttend bi-weekly Board meetings
== Secretary ==
'''Currently''': Hailey WillisKevin Huemann'''Contact''':secretary {at}
'''Official Responsibilities'''
* Record Set priorities and create agendas for meetings of the Board*Take official notes for all Board Meetings *Update and manage the PS1 Board Google calendar*Maintain all relevant Board documents (currently a Google Team Drive and a Wiki) including the governing documents, key governance policies, minutes of board meetings, and Voteswritten consents'''PR Making Member Activities'''*Schedule member votes, provide notice to membership of upcoming votes, count votes, report and record final outcomes* Locksport eventsServe as an active conduit for communication between the Board and members '''Teaching Member Activities'''*Serve as a member of the Dispute Resolution Committee and communicate relevant information to the Board as needed*Answer member and non-member emails as needed * Hobbyist lockpickingAttend bi-weekly Board meetings
== [[CTO]]: Directors-at-Large == '''Currently''': * [[User:Josh|Josh Krueger]OPEN]* Joe Mertz* Nathan Upchurch* Dave Soloman* Jennie Plasterer
'''Official Responsibilities'''
* Keeps Assist the internet goingBoard in carrying out directives, website uppolicies, ducks in a row.and resolutions* And since you askedDevelop, yesinform, and support the Board and committees to carry out their governance functions* Support and assist the '''entire''' internet.Board in their decision making* Monitor Develop, implement and Private/Public mailing lists for reports assess a personal initiative or project as stated at the time of election* Serve as a member of issues. Priority the Dispute Resolution Committee and fulfill all duties related to that role* Act as the primary liaison between the Board and any relevant committees or teams as needed* Work with the member management team when they have questions or problems* Check FreshDesk on a weekly basis and answer tickets that need a Board member* Look for ways to improve the operations list, since it's where people are asked organization and create initiatives to achieve those improvements* Establish new committees/teams/volunteer positions as needed to report PS1 run smoothly* Answer member and non-member emails * Assist with ID checks at weekly member meetings* Attend bi-weekly Board meetings
== Treasurer =='''ContactCurrently'''* Email: cto {at} pumpingstationone ---a-dot-here--- orgCarl Karsten
== Director-at-Large =='''CurrentlyContact''': Dan Meyertreasurer {at}
'''Official Responsibilities'''
* Connection/Representation Develop, implement, monitor, and assess sound and compliant financial management practices (including budgeting)*Oversee Budgets for each Area - Warn and stop funding when they run out of budget.*Ensure that reports to governments (Federal, State) are filed on time*Oversee, implement, monitor, and assess the expense tracking system *Fix member accounting mistakes and adjust accounts as required*Oversee and assess the financial health of the organization and implement processes to improve financial health as necessary*Pay bills for the General Membershiporganization* Run Individual Projects like Sponsorship VideosReimburse Area Hosts and other people for approved expenses.* Answer relevant member and non-member emails as needed  >> [[Biosensor Array|GGHC Biosensor ArrayTreasurer Procedures]]* Sometimes also: voice of reason
== CTO ==
'''Currently''': [[user:folf|Sky Nova]]
== Director-at-Large 2 =='''CurrentlyContact''': Steve Finklemancto {at}
'''Official Responsibilities'''
* Hackerspace canaryKeeps the internet going, website up, ducks in a row. (kidding)* And since you asked, yes, the '''PR Making Member Activitiesentire''' internet.* Provide benchmarking feedback from his other space visitsMonitor for technological issues and address as needed'''Member Activities'''* Ensure effective technology infrastructure exists to support the organization and its mission, programs, and activities* Monitor the security and performance of all infrastructure* Design ExpertiseEnsure the backup and redundancy of all infrastructure* Sometimes also: Handle escalated technology issues as reported by the voice membership* Consider and implement appropriate security for electronic storage of "make no little plans"key documents and data* Attend bi-weekly Board meetings
== PR Director ==
'''Currently''': Adam Dzak '''Contact''':press {at}
'''Official Responsibilities'''
* New Member GrowthEnsure effective external communications about the organization and its mission, priorities, importance, programs, and activities*Manage the organization’s social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Meetup) and post or solicit content on a regular basis*Oversee the organization’s website content, ensuring accuracy and relevance * Bringing new Partner with Area Hosts, Volunteer Authorizers, and current general members togetherto announce and promote events happening in the space * Community outreach Partner with Area Hosts, Volunteer Authorizers, and representationgeneral members to increase awareness of external events relevant to the space* AdvertisingEstablish and manage a Public Relations Team to help with the above goals and provide regular updates to the Board*Answer member and non-member emails as needed * General spokesperson for PS1Attend bi-weekly Board meetings
'''Things I can teach you how to do'''
* Build websites using HTML/CSS
* Adobe Design Standard CS5 (Dreamweaver, Photoshop)
* Developing websites using Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server
* Windows PowerShell scripting
* Ableton Live as a production and performance tool
'''Something I've done'''* I built a fully functional, replica of (dj) Sasha's mixer the Maven. (http[[Category:// Board]]

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