Vote To Buy New Mig Welder

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  • Mailing List Announcement: 4/17/2017
  • Officially Proposed:
  • To be Voted on: 5/2/2017


Welding has steadily increased in importance at PS1 over the years (see the Expenditures section below) and the variety of needs lead us to purchasing the Miller Dynasty 280DX that has done a fantastic job of serving the needs of folks who TIG weld, both steel and aluminum. The Dynasty 280DX, however, is an 'advanced use' machine in that it requires solid knowledge of welding principles, equipment configuration, and has an operating technique that makes it extremely intimidating to someone who has never welded before.

MIG welding, which is a much easier and is far more forgiving to new users, makes up the bulk of the welding done at PS1, typically using our user-donated Lincoln Electric 3200. While this machine has served us well, it is a consumer model built for light-duty, infrequent use. It has been showing signs of age and wear and if it should break, it would likely cost more to have it repaired than to simply dispose of it.

To serve the needs of the PS1 community, I propose that we purchase an industrial-grade MIG welder that is capable of handling any welding task PS1 users have. This machine should be capable of doing a wide variety of thickness of materials, as well as being useful for both steel and aluminum.

Have any particular machine in mind?

Yes, the Millermatic 252 with aluminum package.


Hot Metal Area Expenditures


Authorize the BoD to spend up to $4000.00 on acquiring a new Mig welder and associated components.

This authorization shall expire at midnight on December 31, 2017.

Vote Results

  • 46 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstaining
    • Vote passes on 5/2/2017