2011 Voting Procedure Amendment

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Abstract (tl;dr)

Put your proposals on the wiki or they won't be eligible to vote on.


An amendment wherein Pumping Station: One's bylaws shall be revised to better inform it's members of the policy record moving forward.

The sentences of section 5.1.3 (Submitting an Issue for Vote) reading:

"To be properly submitted for vote, the member must submit a written statement of the issue to be voted on to the board of directors at least seven days before the meeting at which the issue shall be voted on. An e-mailed statement of the issue shall be considered submission in writing for the purpose of this rule."

shall be struck and replaced with:

"To be eligible for an official vote, proposals must first be recorded at a central, canonical resource (e.g. mediawiki) where it may be easily accessed for future reference at least seven days before voting."