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many things



See if parsoid/visual editor works better now.

  • policy: parting out limbo for cash
  • Document proxmox
  • Document
  • Document
  • The wiki upgrade borked all the front page and login page help data, fix it.
  • Putting wheels on things as a form of instruction and community building

Edit test



Sam the 17 year old


logs are hard to keep up with, check rt


  • rename howto print to howto print a squirrel (looks done, can't remember when that happened)


  • Reconnected Shop Design computer.


  • Got openvpn working, still need to deploy


  • change default option to auto watch pages that are edited
  • Equipment page isitworking = no will add tool to Category:Broken Equipment


  • put password reset instructions and account creation instructions on the login page


  • Upgraded samba to 4.1.0
  • Adjusted mediawiki AD filter to disallow disabled accounts
  • enable sphinx search on the wiki

test string: Baziv0egh8sha

Automatic Response Ideas

I've done a ton of work at space. I generally announced what I was going to do, checked with the area host when appropriate, then I JFDI. I'm sure there was concerns about my ability to do a safe job and I'll be concerned about your ability as well. That's as it should be. I don't recall any complaints. If your confident, go for it. If you haven't found it yet there is info about our things here: Please update the wiki if you add new things or discover new information.

(basterdizing a skilton quote)