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* present board votes unanimously to reimburse rhys for no more than $15 for purchase of batteries
* present board votes unanimously to reimburse rhys for no more than $15 for purchase of batteries
* present board votes unanimously to spend up to $300 on supplies for walkway safety.
====Membership Report====
====Membership Report====

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting start: 7:07 pm


Board Members

  • Hailey
  • Bry
  • Eric
  • Josh
  • Farkas
  • Adam
  • Ed

Other Members


  • read mail
  • Financial/membership report
  • Review the paypal and banking transactions.
  • Check the money@pumpingstationone.org inbox weekly.
  • Member leaving reason report
  • Review Trello board, report progress made.
  • review complaints@pumpingstationone.org
  • check talk page for board meeting notes, see if any discussion on the agenda took place
  • new business
  • old business
  • go over Trello

Trello things

New Business

Old Business



  • We have no mail
  • Steve went over financial report
  • we reimbursed drew for beagle bone and anna for supplies for electronics
  • no new member leaving reports
  • no new mail at complaints@
  • eric and greg get 1 membership point- greg for electricity for hackers, eric for beer church
  • present board votes unanimously to reimburse rhys for no more than $15 for purchase of batteries
  • Trello Ideas
    • Fix Amazon Payments -
    • Update Safe Space Agreement draft considering our comments and revision ideas -
    • follow up with Eric the grant writer? -
    • print sign and scan a new copy of secondary engagement letter from MWE (see mail RE: manufacturing establishment licensing) in eric's inbox -
    • Get 3 more RXS-3211 cameras or other superior Motion-JPEG capable cameras, install them. -
    • Acting on 501c3 -
    • Set up a paid job board. - can be put up on the display screen josh put up upstairs
    • make a trello archiver (if we end up using this) - bry did this
    • Maybe get our money back from Chuhak and Tecson? - we're not doing this
    • audit ps1 member list and remove non-members from the list. -
    • post a sign by the thermostat and on the wiki requesting that people knock on the fire door to abbey in the loading dock for help with the heat. -
    • safety and stuff, read https://atrium.schoolfactory.org/spacefed/node/107867 -
    • Change our address everywhere (List of places here: https://atrium.schoolfactory.org/ps1/node/104580) -
    • inventory and ownership status of old landlord's stuff left on our side. -
      • theres still stuff above the utility room
    • Dwolla as a payment option? Some people hate paypal enough to not join. Don't do this if you can't set up a subscription in it. -
    • Address corporations using us as a cheap tool shop for their employees -
    • Macro in zoho to tell people they have points. -
      • eric thinks he already did this
    • Reimbursement forms? -
    • Training for how the law currently affects nonprofits for new boards? -
    • Audit shelf registry to affirm full member status -
    • 2 more picture frames for area host pictures -
    • Get pictures done for rest of area hosts -
    • Discuss: how should reimbursements for hackerspace projects work? -
    • leader board of existing member points - publicly viewable -
    • Think about charging more for manual payments to offset the work. -
    • Think about safe for soda fund. -
    • Trademark PS1 -
    • Think about putting a hint about member points when people leave for financial reasons -
  • Trello To Do
    • Equipment loan agreement -
    • tool care area host - applications and choose host -
      • done
    • Spend up to $100 on fire extinguisher mounting stuff -
      • jaku slacking off
    • Sue the old landlord -
      • no progress
    • Non-paypal people tracked correctly in Zoho? -
      • no progress
    • Fix join page "for other people" information -
      • eric updated a little bit, but still needs more work
    • Anna's reimbursements for 2013 -
      • steve working on it
    • Paper towels out -
      • bry is ordering it
  • Trello Doing
    • beagle bone
      • its been 30 days since we turned in revised paperwork, steve is following up with drew
    • Work out meetup theft -
      • no progress
    • Limited amount cards with names for area hosts, up to their budget limits -
      • no progress
    • fix address on liability waiver, other problems with liability waiver -
      • no progress
    • Justin Conroy dues -
      • he paid eric- eric is paypalling it to steve
    • Solving the "I need to give steve this receipt, but where is he?" issue -
      • scanner is on the fritz
    • Contact Insurer about additional insured for landlord -
    • Flourish wrapup paperwork for donation from Flourish 2013 -
      • no progress
    • Liability Insurance review with Goldstein et. al -
      • ed sent his questions
    • Get building electrical systems to a good state -
      • will be moved to another list
    • Corporate Filings -
      • depending on audit
  • Trello Financials
    • Get accounting software and use it -
      • ongoing
    • Get paypal transactions into QB -
      • all 2013 transactions are in, bry is looking for a way to automatize it
    • Categorize historical transactions in QB -
    • Audit status/ Status of repayments / New historical books -
    • Create 2014 budget -
      • bry and farkas working on it
  • Trello Done
    • review and sign comcast contract -
    • Oddly timed ComEd payment -
      • was fine, just due in early january, usually tony gets it to us much later
    • Talk to chris knight about employee -
      • eric talked to him
    • Categorize 2013 transactions in QB -
      • there were six different transactions that bry couldnt categorize


  • present board votes unanimously to reimburse rhys for no more than $15 for purchase of batteries
  • present board votes unanimously to spend up to $300 on supplies for walkway safety.

Membership Report

  • full members: 96
  • starving hackers: 192
  • friend: 1
  • total: 289

Meeting end: 7:45 pm