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Member Management procedures


The majority of this page was written before 2018, when member management procedures changed quite a bit. A comprehensive rewrite is underway. Until then, there will be a section for 2019 procedures, and the pre-2019 procedures will be maintained for reference and guidance.

2019 Member Management Procedures

Member management at PS1 involves a combination of the Wild Apricot member management system, some vestigial use of ps1auth, Active Directory, PayPal, Stripe, Freshdesk, with some involvement of WordPress, Google Groups, Slack, Discourse and other systems. Wild Apricot is the core system, PayPal is a legacy payment system, Active Directory is a functional IT component, and FreshDesk is the current trouble ticket/customer service platform. Email for the domain is handled by Google, but members are not generally using domain email.

New Member

  • New members initiate their own member profile at
  • Administrators should allow the member to initiate their own membership through Wild Apricot wherever possible to ensure accuracy.


FreshDesk is the current customer service/trouble ticket replacement for RT. Email the board or a board member to apply to become a FreshDesk agent.

Wild Apricot: member management

Wild Apricot is the platform that forms the core of current PS1 member management, and has modules for ticketed events, payment processing through Stripe, and managing some WordPress web site content.

  • When a new member applies online, their application must still be approved by an admin and they must still appear in person and have their ID checked by 2 admins to be considered a member and to be provided with the door code or unaccompanied access to the space.
  • Most member management functions become self-service with Wild Apricot, including starting, stopping or changing the method of payment for dues.
  • ID checks are performed by 2 admin members, who enter their name and the date in the appropriate fields of the new member's membership profile.
  • Create a minimal ps1auth profile for the new member, which requires only their first and last name, birthday, and email address.
  • Send the new member the door code through Wild Apricot after their ID checks have been performed.

2018 (and prior) Procedures

Follow RT Procedures

Member Site Admin

  • Log in to Member site.


Create Member

  • An RT ticket is generated automatically when a new member signs up through the website. This will be in the form of an email from PayPal with subject line "'You have a new automatic payment profile for XXX'"
    • Occasionally a member comes to us in person and signs up, typically to pay by cash and in that case, we don't really have the best system in place to manage due dates of the ongoing subscription.
  • Search the member site for an existing profile using both the PayPal email address and the name found in the RT ticket.
    • Doing both searches is important as someone may have changed their name, for example in the case of marriage. The PayPal payment email might also have changed and in this case, the RT ticket that is generated appears otherwise indistinguishable from a new subscription.
    • Additionally, if a PayPal subscription becomes suspended, given our current PayPal product, it appears that we can reactivate the profile, but that is not the case. Only with PayPal Pro can we manipulate (other than cancel) the member's PayPal subscription. If the member follows the procedure outlined in the suspended subscription email, then they will create a new subscription. In this case, we need to both reactivate the original member profile, and resolve the suspended RT ticket sitting in the cancelled queue.

If an existing profile is found then:

  • Go to and change the Membership start date to the date of the new subscription
  • Resolve the pending ticket(s) in Member Payments: cancelled if any
    • Most new members will not have a ticket in cancelled. This would only occur if the member started a new membership to resolve a suspended subscription.

If no existing profile is found on the member's site:

  • Click on the "+ Person" button to create a new profile. If this new page is not saved, the contents will be discarded and no new record will be created in the backend database
  • Enter the First and Last name of the member - PayPal will provide this in registration email, however frequently member's use a Paypal account used for a business and so the name field might not be accurate (someone may gift a membership or otherwise pay on someone else's behalf)
  • Copy the PayPal email address to both the "Email" and "PayPal Email" fields
  • The membership start date will default to the current date, but set it to a more appropriate date if needed ( historically prior to July 16, this is usually set to the subscription signup date to simplify the member leaving process )
  • Save the record.
  • Send the welcome email to the new member by clicking "Email"->Welcome to PS:One!"
  • Do not send the PS:One Door Code email until the member's ID has been checked by two board members.
  • Mark the ticket resolved, no need to move it to any other queues
  • Quickbooks automatically creates new Quickbooks member profiles (different from the member's site), when importing transactions through the PayPal app

Check Member ID

  • Go to member site and find the member's page.
  • Click "Check ID" to get to the ID check form.
  • When checking a member's ID, respect their privacy and do not talk loudly about their name, address, etc.
  • Fill out the form, and talk to the member about what it means to be a member of PS1.
  • After checking the ID, see if the member now has two ID checks.
  • If the member has two ID checks. Send door code email.


Initiate Suspension

  • PayPal subscription suspended for non-payment (the subscription charge was unsuccessful) usually due to an expired or change in credit card number, but the member has not updated PayPal to use the new card. PayPal will generally send the suspension email about 10 days after the dues were to be collected.
    • RT ticket is automatically generated with a subject of the form: "Automatic payments from <PayPal profile name> were suspended"
    • Modify the RT ticket Subject field (Basics tab of the RT ticket) and append " - MM/DD>" where MM/DD is 3 days from the date of suspension. Change the Status field to "cancelled" and click Save Changes.
    • From the Customer email field in the RT ticket, look up the member profile:
    • Set the Membership status field to: Suspended
    • Send the member the suspended subscription email. Use the Email dropdown and select: Pumping Station: One Membership Payment Suspended


Initiate Cancellation

  • PayPal subscription canceled by member
    • RT ticket is automatically generated with a subject of the form: "<PayPal profile name> canceled automatic payments to you"
    • From the Customer email field in the RT ticket, look up the member profile:
    • From the Profile ID field in the RT ticket, look up the PayPal subscription: PayPal -> Activity -> Profile ID (search by Email Address is the default search option, use the dropdown to set it to Profile ID)
    • Compare the Membership start date from the member profile with the most recent PayPal transaction. Usually the day of the month should match, but sometimes the member is credited a few extra days when the onboarding process doesn't happen in a timely manner. If the member profile day is no greater than a week after the PayPal transaction day of the month, then use the member profile day. Otherwise use the PayPal transaction day. In general, the PayPal subscription day is a better indicator of when dues are due, than the member profile, Membership start date.
    • The membership is valid until the end of the current subscription month (calculated as one month after the last PayPal transaction date, and possibly a few days after that as determined in the previous step).
    • Modify the RT ticket Subject field (Basics tab of the RT ticket) and append " - MM/DD>" where MM/DD is the membership end date. Change the Status field to "cancelled" and click Save Changes.
  • Member requests cancellation by email
  • Suspended account more than 2 weeks overdue

Cancel Membership

  • To cancel a membership on or after the MM/DD in the subject field has lapsed, go to the member site and change membership status to discontinued.
  • Send the "Sorry to see you go!" email.

(Consider sending this once the cancellation from paypal is noted, with the end date, and then another that officially marks the last day.

  • Close the ticket


Same Name as Active Member

  • New automatic payment for XXX - seems XXX is already an active member

Maybe Maybe Not a Duplicate

  • New automatic payment for XXX - seems XXX *might* be a member - send "Is this you?" email

Two payments from same person

  • New automatic payment for XXX and XXX (two similar payment records) - One person paying for two members.