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Ray Doeksen

Currently a regular Member, past 3x PR Director

NikeCraft Wear Tester

Google Voice: 312-970-9729, responses usually within 48 hours on weekdays, seldom on weekends or holidays.

Member since April 2013.

Shelf 35 no longer claimed

Redundant page of reduncancies: Ray Doeksen

Laser Authorization

  • Not currently conducting unscheduled authorizations. See the CNC area host for authorization schedule.

Here is how I would like to conduct laser authorizations for you … efficiently, and at a time that is convenient for you. Efficiently means a couple of things, first it means that you help figure out how to get several (2-9) other members to also agree to do the authorization session at the same time. When? That isn't so important, because I don't have a 9-5 job and my schedule is more variable than yours. Now, at that point, I can't guarantee that I can do it on your first choice of day/time but I'll try to. Once you tell me who wants to be authorized … and can give me a list of names and email addresses, I'll set up a Google Calendar event for it and invite everyone to be a 'guest' for the event.

Then, I expect everyone that was invited to reply and confirm, and everyone that confirms to show up. If someone doesn't confirm, I won't guarantee that I'll be able to fit them in … and if they don't show up, I can pretty much guarantee that I won't reschedule them for a future authorization, at least not happily or without being bribed with food, beer or whatever.

My authorizations take between an hour and an hour and a half, and will cover everything you need to know to be safe and to operate the machine effectively and efficiently as a new user. I won't get into technique, or very much about how to use Adobe Illustrator or other creative apps, or cover functions that are seldom used, like pass-through or use of the rotary adapter.

I can conduct authorizations on any of the lasers, but will only schedule authorizations for a laser that is currently operational. If a laser is down for maintenance, it's off my schedule until it's been repaired and fully functional.