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3dSystems CubePro
Cube Pro.jpeg
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number TBD.
Make/Model CubePro
Arrival Date 2014
Usability yes
Contact CNC Area Host
Where See Sky Nova. Removed to their home.
Authorization Needed no
Hackable no
Estimated Value $4400
Host Area CNC

Removal Section

  • What is it? - 3DSystems CubePro + 7 CubePro Filament Catridges
  • Who is sponsoring? - 3D Printing Area Host - Ian Brieger
  • Date published to the mailing list and RT-
  • Asset value - $1000
  • Suggested method of removal - Public Auction
  • Background notes -
  • Resolution of removal -
  • Approval -


  • Functioning, but mostly out of filament. New filament is approx. $99/cartridge.
  • (2017/06/12) CubePro Trio has been hacked so the counter does not update the EEPROM Chip on the proprietary cartridges. More work has to be done, but we should be able to print using 3rd party filament in the near future.


No authorization is required, but you may have to provide your own filament for this machine, which only uses proprietary filament, and costs about $99 per 600 gram spool. Methods to trick the machine into using standard filament, have been attempted (see below.)

Getting Started

Use the computer to the right of the CubePro (the one called "Artastic" was used in the past, in 2017 there may be a different computer, or download and install the proprietary software yourself) to prepare your files using the Cube pro software, then export the file to a USB thumbdrive and plug it into the USB port on the left side of the printer itself. Select the file you prepared from the print menu using the touch screen on the front of the printer. Open-source slicer (gcode preparation) software that is used for the other 3D printers will not work with this machine.

USB Port


CubePro 3D Printer activation page

Calibration prints (specific to filament type): File:Cubepro calibration files.zip

CubePro 3D Printer


Filament (ABS, PLA, Nylon some time after August of 2014) comes in DRMed canisters from CubePro at approximately 500 grams for $99.


Print bed leveled and fully calibrated on 2/12/15 by Will Garza Instructions provided by Cubify:

CubePro Filament Flow Error

Check the cartridge - Is the filament releasing freely from the cartridge without binding up. If it is jammed, open the cartridge using the thumb tabs on the side of the unit and try to untangle the filament. If this is unsuccessful we will be happy to replace the cartridge to resolve the issue.

If the cartridge is not jammed, move forward with checking the print jet

Check the print jet - Go to the control jets function on the touch screen to test the print jet. Choose the corresponding print jet by selecting A, B, or C. Set the temperature to 260C. Once the actual temperature meets 260C, turn the RPM up to 4.0. This will start the gears which should make the machine start extruding material. Follow steps below depending on what happens.

Filament Flow Error - No material extruding - no clicking noise present - It is possible that the material is not properly loaded and the gears are not catching the filament. Please follow the link below for steps on reloading the filament.


Filament Flow Error - No material extruding - clicking noise present - The clicking noise is consistent with a clogged print jet. Please follow the below instructions for removing the clog.

1. Go to the control jets function on the touch screen 2. Set the temperature to 290C. 3. Once the actual temperature meets 290C, turn the RPMs to 1.0 4. Run for several minutes (If the filament flow error comes up, continue to steps for manually removing clog) 5. Set the temperature back to 0C 6. Go to the change cartridge function and load the filament 7. Go back to the control jets function to test the print jet.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, follow the link below for instructions on manually removing the clog.


If manually removing the clog does not resolve the issue a new print jet assembly will be needed.

No Filament Error Present - Material is extruding correctly - This confirms that the print jet is functioning correctly. The error message received during the print is related to settings. If the Z gap is to tight and the plate is not level, the material has nowhere to go and will throw a filament flow error. Please refer to the user guide for setting the Z gap and leveling the print Pad.


Refer to our 3D Print Troubleshooting page.