Authorization: An Overview for New Members

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If you are new to PS1 and have questions about authorizations, please begin by reading the Wiki page How Do I Get Authorized?.

As the page above states, you begin by touring the PS1 space and choosing a piece of equipment. There is likely a paper label with a QR code; type that name into the search bar of this Wiki. It's possible that the label might be missing but there still may be a wiki page for the tool or equipment. If you can't find the label, search the wiki with the name or make and model of the equipment; try to find the wiki page for the equipment.


You can always prepare for an authorization by studying manuals, watching tutorials or asking others for help, but you should be prepared to sit through a full authorization session no matter what your personal background is or what skill level you've got; we want to ensure that everyone has all the information to operate tools and equipment safely in the space and substantial portions of an authorization may be tool- or site-specific or peculiar to PS:1.


Let's use the Lulzbot_Taz3 3D printer as an example:

The label indicates that it requires authorization. On the Wiki, you'll see following information on the right side of the page.


The page for the tool or equipment may have a paragraph or section about how to get authorized for that particular thing. Requirements vary from thing to thing; check the wiki page first and it's likely to be explained.

Per the How Do I Get Authorized? page, check the PS:1 events calendar - [1] and/or to see if this area has regularly scheduled authorizations. If there is nothing scheduled, you may contact the Volunteer Authorizer for that area, the Area Host for that area, or the contact person listed on the tool's wiki page.

The Authorization page advises you to "check the mailing list." The mailing list is the Google Group, the members-only Google Group, not the one called "Pumping Station: One - public." When you join PS1, will receive several emails from [email protected] and [email protected], and one of those emails points you to the Google Group discussion board - [2]

Requesting Authorization through the Google Group

When you first visit the Google Group, it will say: "Pumping Station One. You must be a member of this group to view and participate in it. Apply for membership or contact the owner."

1. Click Apply for membership and make sure you are logged into Google with the email you use for PS1. You don't have to email anyone or send any other message to anyone about this; your request will appear in a queue that our Google Group admins review regularly. Someone will approve your membership to this group, usually within 24 hours.

2. Once you have access to the group, you will see an active online community of PS1 members talking about a variety of topics. Do a quick skim for a subject line like "authorization 3d" or "authorization taz", "Authorization Request - CNC" or "Authorization Request - Taz 3D printer". Sort the results by date so that you aren't looking at years- or months-old threads. If nothing related to authorization in that area has been posted within the last few weeks, or nothing is scheduled, create a new topic. Use a subject line like "Authorization Request - CNC Area, 3D printer".

3. Write a sentence in the body text explaining that you are looking to become authorized, and list your basic availability over the next 2 weeks. Usually someone will write back and propose a time to meetup at the space within 48 hours. If you do not receive a response after 5 days (which is unlikely), you are welcome to reply to your own topic saying you have not received a response. Remember, it is nobody's paid job to authorize you; we are all volunteers helping one another.

Once you hear back, schedule a mutually agreed upon time. Oftentimes, other members will join the thread to say they are also looking to get authorized and it will become a small group event.

Contact [email protected] if you get stuck or encounter any problems.


Notes for Wiki editors: What is the mailing list? I'm referring new members to the Google Group, contact me if you feel this is in error.