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Lulzbot Taz3
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number KT-PR0013-5509
Make/Model Aleph Objects Taz3
Arrival Date January 2014
Usability yes
Contact CNC Area Host
Where CNC 2nd Floor
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $2395
Host Area CNC

Lulzbot Taz3 Area: CNC


7/15/2019 Unable to load filament. Hot end is heating, but filament would not push through. csandra 16:32 15 July 2019

Past Status

7/13/2019 Taz3 is printing via Octoprint. csandra 00:42 15 July 2019

4/29/2-17 - Taz 3 OctoPrint Server is hooked up. Future authorizations will cover the Octoprint server and its web interface operation. Still no Octoprint as of 4/4/2017 :(

As of 1/29/2017, things for the Taz3 are looking pretty good. It is operating as expected and a nice new printed spool holder is being installed on the top. Skynaya (talk) 09:48, 29 January 2017 (CST)

As of 1/17/2017 there appears to be an issue with Repetier where the server has to be stopped after boot or the COM port will be blocked. It can be disabled by going to the start menu and finding "Stop Server" for Repetier, but you may need admin credentials to override it. I'm looking into disabling this behavior. However, we will be switching to Octoprint servers to operate the printers soon. Skynaya (talk) 14:06, 18 January 2017 (CST)

As of 12/28/2016 device was jammed due to improper movement. Currently being worked on. --Skynaya (talk) 16:41, 3 January 2017 (CST)

As of 12/20/2015 Someone has put a note saying "no work" on the print bed, no further information known.

As of 12/10/2015 Undergoing testing. Functional. New LCD installed, SD card reader should be working but has not been tested in use. Fiberglass flexible print bed add-on installed. Firmware updated for new Hexagon extruder heads, no longer compatible with Flexistruder, for now. Hexagon heads need to be set higher than old heads (temperatures will need to be higher.) Additional testing required to advise what temperatures are best. --Rdoeksen (talk) 16:17, 10 December 2015 (CST)

As of 11/13/2015 the main PLA/ABS extruder is not working, replacement extruders and parts are ordered or awaiting installation by CNC Area Host.

As of 9/28/2015 not clogged, working normally, DO NOT RUN PLA for longer than 1hr --Rtystgeeke (talk) 15:26, 28 September 2015 (CDT)

As of 7/20/2015 nozzle clogged with PLA, resistor wire is broken (needs replacement), bottom wood disk is broken (needs replacement) --Andrew Camardella 7/20/2015 5:35pm

As of 6/3/2015 nozzle unclogged, tested with ABS. --Rdoeksen (talk) 19:22, 3 June 2015 (CDT)

As of 6/1/2015 clogged with PLA through the length of the hot end and nozzle. Needs to be disassembled, burned out, nozzle cleaned. Probably needs replacement nozzle. Needs replacement parts for the hot end (wood discs, maybe aluminum disk) --Rdoeksen (talk) 18:53, 1 June 2015 (CDT)

As of 5/20/2015 not clogged, running normally.

Seems to be extruding fine as of 4/30/2015. [Extruder nozzle clogged. Needs unclogging or nozzle replacement. (As of 4/28/2015, clogged )]


Under construction. Ask CNC Area Host. No regularly scheduled authorizations. Authorization sessions can be arranged for 3 or more members as required. If you want to schedule an authorization session, find 2 or more other people (by asking on the Google Group) and email the CNC Area Host for referral to an authorizer.


Taz 3 OctoPrint Server

The Taz 3 now uses OctoPrint as its host device. You can now send jobs to the printer via any computer in the space, even your personal device. It's a web service, load the URL in a web browser; you don't need to download or install anything.

The OctoPrint server for the Taz 3 can be reached at

  • When connecting to the OctoPrint server, you may first need to select "Connect" under the left side Connection tab if the printer has been turned off.
    • All settings to connect are retained and should not be modified. *Since someone CAN modify them, and then nobody else will be able to use it, why don't we put the proper settings here in the wiki so people can fix what's wrong?
  • Once the printer is connected, you can begin warming it up with the Temperature tab.
    • Enter a temperature in Celsius and click "Set"
  • You can control the printer's movements and extrusion using the "Control" tab.
  • To get started printing, upload an STL using the left side "Files" tab.
  • Find the STL you uploaded and click the "Slice" button, it looks like a magic wand.
  • From here, you can select what slicer engine you'd like to use and what settings you'd like to print with.
    • Cura is the default slicing engine.
    • Select one of the preset slicing profiles, and then manually set your preferred temperatures and speeds using the Basic and Advanced tabs.
  • Now locate the newly generated GCO file (G-Code) in the left side Files tab. You can now click "Load and Print" to print your object.
  • It is preferred if you delete your files from the OctoPrint server when you are done. You can download your GCO file for future printing if you would like to retain the specific sliced project.

This is only a high level overview of how to use OctoPrint. If you are already authorized but have not used OctoPrint, feel free to attend future authorization sessions. OctoPrint will accept g-code from the most popular slicers such as Cura, Slic3r, Repetier-Host, and Simplify3D.


Under construction. Please add information to this section if you discover some useful tips and tricks.

  • Usually is COM5
  • If you can't connect on COM5, you may need to reboot the PC, because another user is still logged in after they connected on COM5. If a reboot doesn't resolve the "Connect" problem, then shut the PC down, unplug the unit's power cord, and restarting the machine. This has has fixed the problem as of 3/19/17 - first time I've had the COM5 problem for a while.
  • Make sure baud rate is set to 115200
  • Make sure protocol is set to Autodetect
  • In Repetier Host, home the machine to get full motion on the axes
  • In Simplify3D, if you are asking for login information just close the box with the X button and the program will launch.


Factory standard settings, accessories and equipment. Alternate Flexistruder available at PS1 but not installed.

Windows Drivers

Windows users driving the printer tethered (over a USB cable) will need to install drivers.

Usable Print Area

298mm x 275mm x 250mm (11.7in x 10.8in x 9.8in)

Nozzle size

  • 0.50 mm nozzle --Rdoeksen (talk) 16:20, 10 December 2015 (CST)(please verify?)

Host Software

Users of Linux, Windows, OSX will need to install the following software:

Suggested Settings

Both of these files have appropriate settings for the 'printer settings' and 'filament settings' tabs. To use them, go to File > Load Config in Slic3r and select the downloaded file. You must then go to each tab and hit the 'save' icon next to the settings selection dropdown box, or else Slic3r will forget the settings when you close it.

For settings in Simplify3D, you need to 'import FFF profile'. This can be found under File/Import FFF Profile, then browse your computer to find it.

ABS for Simplify3D

File:ABS Fast2.0(.3mm).zip

ABS profile for the Taz3 at %15 infill, supports enabled, .3mm layer height, extruder at 230C and bed at 90C, with appropriate cooling (none).

PLA for Simplify3D


PLA profile for the Taz3 at %15 infill, supports enabled, .3mm layer height, extruder at 190C and bed at 65C, with appropriate cooling (increasing speed with layer height).

Ninjaflex for Simplify3D


Ninjaflex profile for the Taz3 at %15 infill, supports enabled, .3mm layer height, extruder at 220C and bed nonheated.

  • Ninjaflex can only be run with the flexistruder extruder type, which requires the firmware "Marlin 2014" or older.

ABS Print Settings Without Support - Fast

File:Taz3 print settings NO SUPPORT.ini

This file is for the 'print settings' tab of Slic3r. This is a 'fast' profile, geared towards finishing prints relatively quickly. It still provides excellent surface quality. This profile does not include support, so for large overhangs you'll need the next configuration file.

ABS Print Settings With Support - Fast

File:Taz3 print settings SUPPORT.ini

This file is for 'print settings' tab of Slic3r. This is a 'fast' profile, geared towards finishing prints relatively quickly. It still provides excellent surface quality. This profile includes support, appropriate for large overhangs.

Sky's Config Bundle

File:Sky config

Here is a range of configuration settings for Slic3r in Repetier that I've found useful with a lot of trial and error. Skynaya (talk) 21:35, 13 April 2017 (CDT)

Other Resources

The manual is available online. A printed form of it can be found near the printer. The manual explains how to operate the printer.

This PDF contains the screenshots for each tab and setting. When you first use Repetier on your windows login, you have to adjust some settings for first time use.


The extruders available accept 3 mm filament, and can print either ABS or PLA. There is an alternate extruder for use with Ninjaflex, called 'Flexistruder' but the Flexistruder is not supported with the current firmware installation.

MicroCenter (online and in store)


Find Something to Print

Thingiverse is a great place to find printable 3D models that other people have designed, and to publish your own.

Designing 3D Models

Page in progress to describe 3D modeling.


Refer to our 3D Print Troubleshooting page.

List of Currently Certified Users

qualified member trained by date
Derek Bever Hours of shouting at 3D printers
Elizabeth Koprucki Derek Bever
Andrew Kos Elizabeth Koprucki
Ray Doeksen Elizabeth Koprucki
Everett Wilson Derek Bever
David Earley Derek Bever
Lyn Cole Derek Bever
Greg Teiber Derek Bever
Nick Castillo Derek Bever
Tom Forajter Elizabeth Koprucki
David Ditzler Elizabeth Koprucki
David Fell Elizabeth Koprucki
Rob Riggs (Colorado Rob) Elizabeth
Mark Stevens Elizabeth Koprucki
Arturo Duarte Elizabeth Koprucki
Justin T. Conroy Derek Bever
James Porter Elizabeth Koprucki
Ryan Kelly Elizabeth Koprucki
Janet Dornhoff Elizabeth Koprucki
Genevieve Aphrodite Justin Conroy
Sloan Lavery Elizabeth Koprucki
Adam Glick Ray Doeksen
Tyler Natoli Elizabeth Koprucki
Chris Marchwick Elizabeth Koprucki
Marty Dubin Elizabeth Koprucki
Tom Judge Justin Conroy
Brian Dunn Derek Bever
Tim Lofgren Derek Bever
Jeff McBride Elizabeth Koprucki
Thomas Wright Justin Conroy
David Siegfried Derek Bever
Donald Jacobson Elizabeth Koprucki
Clarence Risher Elizabeth Koprucki
Will Garza Elizabeth Koprucki
Nick Halderman Elizabeth Koprucki
Michael Maloney Elizabeth Koprucki
Brennan Koziarz Elizabeth Koprucki
Roger Moore Elizabeth Koprucki
Aaron Mintz Elizabeth Koprucki
Matt Makris Elizabeth Koprucki
Matt Meshulam Elizabeth Koprucki
Ron Olson Elizabeth Koprucki
Darold Higa Ray Doeksen
Nora Sluzas Elizabeth Koprucki
Matt Triano Elizabeth Koprucki
Curtiss Cooke Elizabeth Koprucki
Andrew Sowa Elizabeth Koprucki
Eric Yu Elizabeth Koprucki
Lucas Goossen Elizabeth Koprucki
Jessica Wiedner Derek Bever
Scott Little Derek Bever
Kevin Pulver Ray Doeksen
Jenny Tong Ray Doeksen
Mike Mandrea Elizabeth Koprucki
John Farmer Elizabeth Koprucki
Andy Richardson Elizabeth Koprucki
Alex Trimm Elizabeth Koprucki
Rick Alm Elizabeth Koprucki
Davis Mazariegos Elizabeth Koprucki
Knute Martell Elizabeth Koprucki
Hugh Sato Elizabeth Koprucki
Ryan Neuman Will Garza
Tina C Elizabeth Koprucki
Scott Drane Elizabeth Koprucki
Michael Patton Ray Doeksen
Chris Leeson Ray Doeksen
Matt Pollina Ray Doeksen
Scott Anamizu Ray Doeksen
Doorman Dave Elizabeth Koprucki
Simon Pyle Ray Doeksen
Brad Jiminez Ray Doeksen
Nate Scheidler Ray Doeksen
Alan Insley Ray Doeksen
Wessing Ray Doeksen
Casey Coley Andrew Camardella
Deanna Williams Brad Jimenez
Jim Hartmann Ray Doeksen --Rdoeksen (talk) 14:44, 20 September 2015 (CDT)
Hunter Koerner Ray Doeksen
Temnulen Erdenekhun Ray Doeksen
Greg Teiber Ray Doeksen
Bob Williams Ray Doeksen
Elizabeth Arundel Brad Jimenez
Alex Al-Hamdan Brad Jimenez
Nem Simeunovic Brad Jimenez
Dafe Hughes Brad Jimenez
Gary Silver Brad Jimenez
Daniel Maziarz Brad Jimenez
Greg Kudlacz Brad Jimenez
Adam Moffatt Brad Jimenez
Kevin Schwartzenberg Andrew Camardella
Michael Slingerland Andrew Camardella
Andrew Dalesandro Andrew Camardella
Erik Funkhouser Brad Jimenez
Elizabeth Carter Brad Jimenez
Idris Raja Brad Jimenez
Shelly Loke-Gayares Brad Jimenez
Craig Koszewski Brad Jimenez
Brandon Love Brad Jimenez
Todd Allen Andrew Camardella
Parker Rueve Brad Jimenez
Mike Czubak Brad Jimenez
Paula Brinkman Lowe Brad Jimenez
Xander Czubak Brad Jimenez
Angus Brinkman Lowe Brad Jimenez
Chris Smith Brad Jimenez
James Villalpando Brad Jimenez
Zachariah Reed Brad Jimenez
Calvin Moravec Brad Jimenez
Joshua Havenga Brad Jimenez
Sky Nova Andrew Camardella
Brian Carstensen Andrew Camardella
Aaron Carlock Andrew Camardella
Rob Dumas Andrew Camardella
Mike Kirda Sky Nova
Ashley Borg Sky Nova
Ed Breuer Sky Nova
Mark Haughey Sky Nova
Jeremy Shaw Sky Nova
Paul McClay Sky Nova
Sam Chen Sky Nova
James Jacobs Sky Nova
Martina Josimovska Sky Nova
Brian Adamson Sky Nova
Ian Stubbs Sky Nova
Grant Wagner Ashish Jasani
John Zappa Ashish Jasani
Marta Guerrero Ashish Jasani
Sam Dreyer Sky Nova
Anastasiia Holubova Sky Nova
Timothy A Rogers Sky Nova
Travis Bee Sky Nova
Zack Sasnow Sky Nova
Nathan Witt Sky Nova
Marsalis Smith Sky Nova
Daniel Martinez Olivas Sky Nova
Chris Versteeg Sky Nova
Paul Rapoport Sky Nova
Matt Maggio Andrew Carmardella
Nick Prorok Andrew Sowa 6/09/18