Clausing Lathe

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Clausing Lathe Anna Yu and Ed Bennett Area: Cold Metals

Clausing Lathe
Owner/Loaner Anna Yu and Ed Bennett
Serial Number ?
Make/Model 4900 Series
Arrival Date 3/10/13
Usability yes
Contact Anna Yu and Ed Bennett
Where Cold Metals
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value yes
Host Area Cold Metals


Cover the machine when not in use. Keep the cover off of the floor and allow coolant to evaporate before covering again.

A resonance sets in when the variable frequency drive is set to around 50-65%.

A red dot indicates a setting that can only be changed when the lathe is off.

Speeds and feeds

For safety and best results, familiarize yourself with the appropriate feeds and speeds for the material you're working on and the operations you intend to do. Several copies of Machinery's Handbook, the authoritative resource, are on the shelf above the Bridgeport knee mill. Even old editions are just fine for most materials and operations.


Contact Anna Yu for authorization. Their contact information is on the side of the lathe.

Individuals must bring 1" diameter x 6" 6061 aluminum round for the Clausing authorization. Aluminum stock can be purchased from Mcmaster Carr ( part number 8974K13

This tool requires Tier 1 Cold Metals Authorization

Due to the complexity of the machine, individuals requesting for authorizations must either have prior metal lathe experience or have a project that would require the use of the machine within two weeks of the given authorization.

List of Currently Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By Date Trained Comments
Anna Yu Owner
Ed Bennett Owner
Derek Bever Anna Yu
Everett Wilson Anna Yu No longer a member
Ryan Pierce Anna Yu
Colin Parsons Anna Yu No longer a member
Mike Warot Anna Yu
Tucker Tomlinson Anna Yu No longer a member
Matthew Triano Anna Yu No longer a member
Dillon Gray Anna Yu no longer a member
Wayne Openlander Ed Bennett No longer a member
Jesse Seay Anna Yu
Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin Ed Bennett No longer a member
Kristopher Huisinga Anna Yu 10/15/13 No longer a member
Greg Teiber Anna Yu 12/10/13
Bart Dring Anna Yu 12/21/13
Jason Shanfield Anna Yu 1/10/14 No longer a member
Todd Allen Anna Yu 1/28/14 No longer a member
Allen LeSage Anna Yu 1/28/14
Eric R. Klinefelter Anna Yu 3/25/14 No longer a member
Edward Muela Anna Yu 5/13/14
Samuel Swope Anna Yu 5/13/14 No longer a member
Jay Hopkins Anna Yu
David Morton Anna Yu 7/22/14
Thomas Wright Anna Yu 7/15/14
Jabu Dawdu Anna Yu 7/29/14 No longer a member
George Shaw Anna Yu 8/19/14
Bryan Gleason Anna Yu 10/14/14
Joao Santos Anna Yu 12/9/14
Dean Anderson Anna Yu 12/9/14 No longer a member
Chris Agocs Anna Yu 1/16/15 No longer a member
Tom Judge Anna Yu 4/14/15 No longer a member
Yehuda (Eric) Braun Anna Yu 4/29/15 No longer a member
Michael Patton Anna Yu 5/5/15 No longer a member
Ron Olson Anna Yu 6/9/15
Rajiv (Joseph Perera) Anna Yu 6/23/15
Eric Reusche Anna Yu 6/30/15
Andrew Camardella Anna Yu 7/11/15
Niko Hawley Anna Yu 10/26/15
Julia Padvoiskis Anna Yu 11/24/15
Samuel Sion Anna Yu 12/12/15
Les Schier Anna Yu 1/12/16
Dan Locks Anna Yu 1/23/16
Nick Naro Anna Yu 3/8/16
Jacob Rego Anna Yu 6/13/16
Spencer Simms Anna Yu 6/23/16
Jim Brink Anna Yu 7/23/16
Dan Sloboda Anna Yu 8/8/16
Andrew Muhic Anna Yu 8/11/16
Eric Beauchamp Anna Yu 9/24/16
Quinn Campbell Anna Yu 10/8/16
Abel Greenwald Anna Yu 4/15/17
Alan Feinerman Anna Yu 5/27/17
Andrew Wingate Anna Yu 6/23/17
Ryan Himmelblau Anna Yu 11/25/17
McTavish McArdle Anna Yu 3/10/18
Szymon Mirek Anna Yu 3/31/18
Matt Maggio Anna Yu 4/14/18
Seven Strauss Anna Yu 6/29/18
Carlos Garcia Seven Strauss 7/8/18
Dave Solomon Anna Yu 8/11/18
Chris Iacullo Anna Yu 9/3/18
Jeff Benning Anna Yu 11/24/18
Alex Zhu Anna Yu 12/01/18
Daniel Martinez Anna Yu 12/29/18
Oliver Sanchez Anna Yu 2/23/19
Aaron Feigen Anna Yu 4/20/19
David Earl Anna Yu 6/8/19
Bogdan Chernov Anna Yu 6/21/19
Kevin Huemann Anna Yu 12/7/19
Mark Ventimiglia Anna Yu 12/21/19


  • Sandvik Coromat RTBAP 10 2 boring bar
    • Minimum bore: .787"
    • Maximum overhang: 2.5"
    • Insert: TPU 221

Suggested Tooling

Documentation and Training Materials

Authorization Outline: File:PS1 Lathe outline June 30 2018.pdf

Part Names, and what they do: File:Clausing10inLathe4900SeriesOperatingInstructions.pdf

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