Meeting Notes 2013-05-28

From Pumping Station One

Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Begin: 08:13



  • Brief overview of what PS1 is (<1min).
  • Introduce the present board and area hosts.
  • New members/visitors introduce themselves


  • Announce events from the calendar.
  • Anyone have an event or thing to announce? Now's the time, 1 minute max each.
  • We'll be having a work day with a licensed electrician directing us on how to fix the electrical wiring and code issues we have soon. If you're interested, email president@.
  • Kitchen work day is June 8. Come help build walls.
  • Farmshare announcement: June 15 first day
  • Bryanna is gonna be talking about kitchen area host.

If you do any work on the electrical wiring of the space, make sure to update Electrical.


Tours for Visitors

  • Adam will give official tour (make sure liability forms have been signed and that emergency contact info is filled out)


  • eric intros present board and area hosts
  • intros what PS1 is
  • new visitors intro themselves
  • events in the next week (see google calendar)
  • Ste brought a bunch of random electrical stuff up for grabs
  • kitchen area host is open for anyone to apply for - the board will vote on this in 2 weeks
  • ed announces vote proposal for a water cooler that filters the city's water - is $400 - he will put out the proposal
  • Kitchen build will happen saturday june 8th
  • first farmshare drop off is june 15th
  • eric is working on getting electrical quote and setting up wiki page for people to record the work they've done

Meeting End: 08:31