2010 Elections

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These are the members nominated for office in the elections coming up on January 26, 2010. Members may add their nominees here or on the mailing list (here is easier). Last day for nominations is January 19, 2010.


  • Sacha DeAngeli
  • Jordan Bunker Declined

Vice President

  • Jeff Kantarek
  • Nathan Witt Declined


  • Nathan Witt Declined
  • Sarah Sutherlin


  • Ishmael Rufus

Chief Technology Officer

  • Josh Krueger
  • Zane Bowers
  • Ryan Lanham

PR Director

  • Eli Skipp Declined
  • Julie Moffitt Declined
  • Jordan Bunker

Directors At-Large

  • Eli Skipp Declined
  • Jim Burke
  • Tim Saylor
  • Ryan Lanham