2012 Votes

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This page serves as a record of official votes by the members of Pumping Station: One.

Upcoming Votes

Reference Date Description Sponsor
Tabled CNC Embroidery Machine Lindsey Oliver

Past Votes

Reference Date Description Sponsor Yea Nay Present
Meeting Notes 02-21-2012 2012-02-21 Moving and budget authorization Tim Saylor 29 1 0
Meeting Notes 04-03-2012 2012-04-03 The board is empowered to spend whatever money is necessary to execute arduino and soldering workshops at Flourish 2012, not to exceed $2000. Tim Saylor 18 3 1
Meeting Notes 07-10-2012 2012-07-10 Empower the president, Tim Saylor, as Magistratus Extraordinarious Rhys & Sacha 25 1 1
Meeting Notes 07-10-2012 2012-07-10 To increase the budget for purchasing a table saw by $2000 in order to purchase a Saw Stop 110V 1.75HP professional cabinet saw. Kathy Whisler 25 1 1
2012-07-17 The board of directors is authorized to hire a service to regularly clean the space including, but not limited to, cleaning garbage off the tables; taking out the garbage; cleaning the floors; and cleaning the bathrooms. Shawn Blaszak
Meeting Notes 10-09-2012 2012-10-09 The board of directors is authorized to spend $1750 to buy Ryan Brandys' Makerbot Replicator. Tim Saylor 26 0 1
Meeting Notes 11-20-2012 2012-11-20 Reimburse Ryan Pierce $439.86 for materials for constructing a draft system for beer Ryan Pierce 11 4 6
Meeting Notes 11-20-2012 2012-11-20 Authorize $200 expenditure to expand draft system from two taps to four Ryan Pierce 6 10 3
Meeting Notes 12-04-2012 2012-12-04 Bylaws Recodification Tim Saylor 78 2 4
Meeting Notes 12-11-2012 2012-12-11 Property Maintenance and Legal Expenses Authorization Tim Saylor 22 0 2