Meeting Notes 2012-10-09

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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Begin: 08:05 pm



Introduce the present board and area hosts


Things the whole group needs to know. Please be brief!



Tours for Visitors

  • Patrick will give the official tour after the meeting

Space Hacking

Ask not what your hackerspace can do for you, ask what you can do for your hackerspace!

  • Kevin and Geoffrey are checking the light ballasts all over the space.


  • Tim had the new people introduce themselves.
  • Tim introduced the board members and area hosts.
  • Sacha announced his new list of things members should mention while giving space tours
  • Sacha will be running 300 Seconds of Fame right after this meeting
  • Patrick will be giving a tour after 300 Seconds of Fame
  • The 3d printer vote was held and passed
  • Knitting lab with Shelly tomorrow night at 7pm
  • Automation night tomorrow at 7pm
  • Analog game night with Will Saturday at 7pm
  • October 22nd, N00b's Paradise

Meeting End: 08:25 pm